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Save your Company a Headache and Keep Looking

We're having the same issues others are having. 1) Worst support I've ever seen. NO phone/chat support, and their ticketing system takes DAYS for a response, no matter how important. 2) RUDE staff. We went to their Catalyst event in Vegas and it was a disaster. It's basically a feel good ... more

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We were looking to grow our Amazon Business and engaged with Channel Advisor. After listening to a robust sale presentation about how Channel Advisor can grow our business, we only discovered Channel Advisor is a self managed platform which is based upon eBay. We got horrible support, found out an... more

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Been using Channel Advisor fro several years.....The only thing that landed me to this page was looking for a new source. Channel Advisor Customer Service is horrible. The best they do is send you screen shots of web pages for any fixes. I have now been kicked off eBay several times because there ... more

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Dont waist your money!

I am a top online seller. Just spend $10000 usd and received nothing!! If you have extra cash, give it to Charity, do not give it to this people. If I was a UK or USA company, I would of take this people to court. more

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never dealt with such incompetance.

Was told no one could deal with my questions as it was end of month and the teams were trying to close deals. I could NOT get a straight answer and have never dealt with such an unprofessional company. more

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Bait and Switch Company

Brief list of problems we experienced: 1. The timing and scheduling with account managers are impossible after you pay you will never have any customer support. 2. Sandbox testing was not provided and took a week to access 3. No multi channel ability to function with our product if which ... more

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Very Unsatisfied customer. Highly Not Recommended Company

As a client of ChannelAdvisor, I am telling you from experience what we went through extremely difficult hardships with the company. We started in good faith and wanted to end in good faith. However, we were trying and trying to work with them, but all they want is your money and they are not ... more

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We signed up with this company and the service they provided was zero ! When we complained they asked for more money which we refused to give because we paid them what we agreed in contract. Now they will not refund or provide any service for the money we paid. Please try other companies, do no... more

Overview of Channel Advisor from

Channel Advisor has been an integral partner for our e-commerce strategy for 5 years. We currently run our webstore and Amazon sites through Channel Advisor, and previously eBay UK and France. As a lot of companies, we moved to Channel Advisor to get more integrated, efficient way of managin... more

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Best Channel Management System on the market

If you want to really grow your business, signing up with ChannelAdvisor is one of the best decisions you can make. CA opens you up to so many sales channels and other tools that would take a whole team of people to execute (believe me I used to have a whole team). Personally it saved my organiz... more

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ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces enables automated delivery of accurate product data, channel management, analytics and the capability to expand internationally.

Reach audiences on global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Tesco, MeinPaket, Zalando, Le Redoute, Tmall and more.

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Average Rating: starstarstardim stardim star (108 reviews)

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Great service

We have recently signed up for the buy button service with Channel advisor. This is a great platform for people that o... more

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Mixed results for a pricey solution

The platform is not too bad and expensive. We were able to map our Amazon store to eBay, Walmart, etc. and we were req... more

Great Solution

The support network provided is second to none and the system is extremely user friendly which provides great efficien... more

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ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces

Whether you sell on one marketplace or a dozen, we offer an industry-leading solution for marketplaces success. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces will help you list, manage and optimise all your product listings, on over 40 marketplaces (and counting) around the globe. Meanwhile, we’ll keep your inventory levels in sync and your product orders organised, as well as give you access to valuable reporting analytics that’ll help you sell smarter.

With over 2,000 marketplace clients, and over 14 years of experience, we’ve not only seen it all before, but we also see the trends before they happen and help you take advantage of them.
ChannelAdvisor, 15 July 2016
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Updated 3 Nov 2017.

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