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Description provides a single account to buy shipping services from multiple carriers.

It connects to eBay and Amazon, downloads orders, and automatically selects the best carrier and service. A single bill is provided for shipping via all carriers that are used, and commercial shipping rates are available.

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China, United States


Platforms API, Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites
Carriers FedEx, UPS, USPS
eBay Sites
Payment Alipay, PayPal
Shopping Carts Shopify


Pay for shipping only


Shipping & Fulfillment » Shipping Tools

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One account with all shipping carriers & services to grow your eCommerce business helps online retailers build their own simple and productive online selling circle with the hard part: collect, manage, ship sales orders and consolidate carrier bills. Our intuitive web-based system integrates with multiple selling channels and all major shipping carriers to streamline the order shipping and fulfillment., 22 September 2016
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Updated 18 Apr 2017.