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A Very Valuable Ebay Listing Tool

This software is simply amazing! The various templates and the ease of use of Crazy Lister makes this a must have for anyone serious about selling on Ebay. I can honestly say that Crazy Lister, alone, has increased my sales in less than a month. The gallery and the sharp templates have saved me... more

Amazing Customer Service!

I was overwhelmed by the Live Content Ban on Ebay. What does that mean?!?! (pulling my hair out) Well, no worries. I found Crazylister and all those worries were taken care of. I did have some issues, as I'm not exactly an IT Pro. I messaged Crazylister with my concerns, and customer service imm... more

very good tool easy simple and convenient

after you get use to this lister you won't want any other tool it is fun to work with kind of addicted so easy so many options and ideas to apply to you template at the easy way i checked many tools no tool come close to this one! What was good about this product or service overall? intuit... more

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Customer Service is Poor

They have great templates, but their customer support is not as good anymore. I fear they grew too fast. It seems like they just hired a bunch of new employees who do not seem to understand your question. You have to wait at least 24-48 hours and sometimes they still do not help you. This is when ... more


Just finished my 14 trial with crazy lister and have found it amazing. I love all the helpful tips along the way which is such a BIG help to me as I am just starting out on eBay and never had a clue about where to start! :?? Support has been wonderful and it's been great having Victor answer my ... more

GAME-CHANGING, brilliant and easy to use

After averaging 3% sales conversion rates on 2 eBay stores in different countries and gaining Top Seller status for both after 3 months of opening each store, a big part of our success can be attributed to CrazyLister and their team. Absolutely brilliant and easy to use with a fantastic suppor... more

Crazy Lister Customer Service

Very helpful, easy to use, everything is just there. Use it. Highly recommended. Victor, you are great!!! Thankyou very much. :) more

Amazing tool for eBay listers!

:) Extremely easy to use, seamless process when creating your own templates or working with preexisting ones. The process of inputting the HTML code into the ebay platform is a matter of only 2-clicks! Could not ask for a better lister solution to help my product stand out in the marketplace. Also... more

Love the NEW templates+$14.95 UNLIMITED everything LIFE DEAL

Although I LOVE MY LISTINGS as they are now - with my OWN HTML, etc - I was looking to switch up my listing designs and therefore, thought of CrazyLister - since I am an avid reader of your blog/postings/insightful articles that are emailed to me. Love the NEW selection of templates and hope t... more

Sign Posts for Traffic to Your Product Videos & Demo's

I had been searching high and low for a designer template for my shop listings on eBay for months. Luckily for me I found CrazyLister for drag and drop templates that I could use within my listings both private and business. I wanted a professional look where I could add social links, clickable... more

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CrazyLister is a drag 'n' drop editor for eBay sellers. It allows sellers to create professional listings without coding skills. CrazyLister allows completely customized listings without being confined to a generic template.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (44 reviews)

Great site and great support

I have used crazylister for a couple of years now and it offers a great service - make use of the predesigned template... more


I love CrazyLister! It has been so easy to use and I was able to customize and create a beautiful listing template. I'... more

Fantastic Tool and excellent customer service!!

We love this tool. We are really satisfied with how you can manage crazylister and everything you can do with it. Its ... more

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Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister?

@max.crazylister Yes I have Max, but doesn't anything done in HTML5, which will become... more

Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister? of the main motivations to creating CrazyLister, a solution by eBay sellers for eBay... more




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Trial: Free basic version

FreeUpload Up To 100 Images
Save Up To 10 Listings
Professional Templates
Email / Live Chat Support
ProUpload Up To 5000 Images
Unlimited Saved Listings
Professional Templates
Email / Live Chat Support
$8.95 per month


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Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister?

@max.crazylister Yes I have Max, but doesn't anything done in HTML5, which will become... more

Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister? of the main motivations to creating CrazyLister, a solution by eBay sellers for eBay... more

Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister? them monthly forever. The total for Crazylister for us is going to be around $540 per... more

Re: Has anybody used CrazyLister?

...a managed listing is one that uses a CrazyLister template. If you do "sell similar"... more

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@max.crazylister Thanks Max. I was really looking for an independent review as no... more

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Hi, I'm a co-founder at Crazylister. The thing about CrazyLister is that it's not your... more

Has anybody used CrazyLister?

...rules) for the price of one month's CrazyLister subscription, I'm just trying to... more
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LGO Crazy eCommerce (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

CrazyLister - An Easy Drag 'N Drop Editor for eBay Listings!

Viktor Levitin and Maxim Godin were full time eBay sellers. Not only that but eBay awarded them with a certificate of achievement for outstanding sales.

Now they’re looking to help other sellers and their first product, Crazy Lister, aims to help you to create outstanding eBay listing descriptions at a fraction of the price of a pro listing template.

Viktor tells us “I don’t know HTML nor am I skilled in web design. When I was working as a seller on eBay, I had to spend days watching photoshop instructional videos. Through meticulous work and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I managed to revise the listings. Suddenly I was struck by a crazy idea: there should be an easier way to create professional, aesthetic listings without extensive knowledge in web design.

The solution was with a lot of thought, expertise, and a dedicated team of optimization specialists, CrazyLister was born. CrazyLister is a super easy drag 'n drop editor for eBay sellers. It allows any seller with zero coding skills to create professional, 100% customizable listings. Making a change to a listing takes only minutes or seconds, compared to hours of coding.

And it gets better: if you want to add something like a YouTube video to your listing you simply use CrazyLister’s editor to drag the video icon onto your design template and input the URL address of the video. Try comparing this to manually copying a piece of code from YouTube and finding the correct location in the HTML code of the description!

CrazyLister enables you to produce professional looking listing templates so that you can cut and paste the code into the listing description box on eBay’s Sell Your Item form (or your preferred listing tool). And you can do this with zero knowledge of HTML, all you need to know is CTRL C to copy the code and CTRL V to paste the code into your eBay.

“If you have been battling your listings to look professional and you are a bit of a dinosaur with HTML code, check CrazyLister ou LGO Crazy eCommerce, 27 October 2014
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Updated 5 Aug 2017.

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