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Daily Source Tools has three daily lists containing the best arbitrage deals they have found that day.

Each list features 10 items with an average Amazon rank in the top 1.6% and a 96% average profit margin. List data includes cashback site links, coupon deals, rank range data, estimated sales and camelcamelcamel links.

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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites Amazon.com


DSL Steady 60 ListLimited to 60 clients $99 per month
DSL Stride 25 ListLimited to 25 clients $198 per month
20 Restricted ListLimited to 20 clients. Restricted categories and electronics. $198 per month


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The Supplier Says

What The 60, 25 and 20 Lists Do For You

* They consistently deliver high profit, fast turnover, high cash-profits buying opportunities. The 5000 items on our lists since Aug 2014 average at 1.6% Amazon Rank, 96% net ROI and $9 net profit – ie Spend $100, Get $196 back.

* They help protect your selling price because these have the smallest subscriber circulation in the market (60, 25 and 20 people only). Many clients join from bigger lists and upgrade to using both lists as their smart buying makes profit. The premium Stride 25 and Restricted Cat 20 lists for 25 & 20 people respectively, and the more affordable Steady 60 list just for 60.

* They make you time efficient by bring all the critical data into one place, with URL links to CamelCC, Stores, Cashback sites and Coupon codes.

* They put you in front of the competition by getting you buying by 8am EST each day. From the supplier's website
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Added 4 Jan 2016. Last updated 5 Jan 2016.

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