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Very good.

What was good about this product or service overall? I have found Efficient Era a really simple and effective tool for monitoring reviews. Both customer feedback and product reviews. The new email service is far more simple to set up than another well know platform I have used (which I ditched) M... more

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Efficient Era provides alerts, analytics and automation for Amazon Sellers.

Features include buyer-to-reviewer matching, email automation, review alerts, feedback alerts, bulk order alerts, inventory analytics, Sponsored Product Ads analysis, listing hijack alerts and VAT invoice automation.

Efficient Era supports multiple Amazon sites (North America, EU, Japan), and all tools are included for the same price.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (1 review)

Very good.

What was good about this product or service overall? I have found Efficient Era a really simple and effective tool fo... more

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Efficient Era Launches Amazon Promotions Tracker

Amazon selling tools suite Efficient Era has added a new solution which tracks the performanc... more

Efficient Era Launches Historic Amazon Review Matching

Amazon alerts, analytics and automation tool Efficient Era has introduced historic matching o... more


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it


Trial: 60 days

Scalable Pricing ModelScalable Pricing Model
- All tools included in bundle**
- Unlimited ASINs
- Unlimited emails
- Unlimited orders
** Exception: Historical Matching
1 cent per Order + 8 cents per ASIN
e.g (1000 orders * 0.01) + (100 ASINs * 0.08) = $18 / month
Historical Review MatchingTrack past orders for reviews that you received before you join Efficient Era. We pull orders all the way back in time from when you joined Amazon. Optional In-App Purchase charged @ $1 per successfully matched review


Amazon Selling » Analytics

Amazon Selling » Feedback & Reviews

Amazon Selling » Marketing & Optimization

Financial Management » Sales Tax & VAT

Feedback & Reputation » Feedback & Review Solicitation

Amazon selling tools suite Efficient Era has added a new solution which tracks the performance of Amazon discount promotions.

Efficient Era's Promotions Tracker monitors how many times discount codes were used, including the exact orders they were applied to. All the data is compiled into searchable tables, so sellers can see exactly how promotions performed.

A new Promotion Counter provides summary data to show how many times a promotion code was used, in which market, and whether by an individual or a business customer.

The new tool can show where a promotion is getting the most conversions, such as a social site, so the seller can focus on the most profitable area to acquire sales in the future.

Source: Efficient Era

Amazon alerts, analytics and automation tool Efficient Era has introduced historic matching of product reviews to specific orders.

Efficient Era's existing Buyer-Review Matching feature also matches reviews to buyers, so sellers can address negative reviews, but only works for new reviews posted since signing up for the service.

Historic Review Matching, for an additional fee, matches all past reviews to orders, all the way back to when the seller first signed up on Amazon. There are a few exceptions, including unverified reviews, purchases from other sellers, and very large quantities of past reviews.

Historic Review Matching is available as an additional in-app purchase on a per-ASIN basis, at a price of $1 per successfully matched review.

When reviews are matched, the seller can directly reach out to customers to address their specific problem and find a solution. However, sellers are prohibited by Amazon from asking buyers to modify or remove their reviews, and must not link to websites or use the message for marketing or promotion of any kind.

Source: Efficient Era

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Power Tools for Amazon Power Sellers

Efficient Era - Powerful Tools for Amazon Sellers

Buyer Reviewer Matching:
A buyer leaves you a one-star review. How do you contact them to find out what went wrong and if you can do anything to make things right? Efficient Era's Buyer Reviewer matching tool accurately matches product reviews from verified purchases to orders, and helps you contact buyers. Our email alerts contain direct links to the Amazon review page and to the Order Details page.

Email Automation:
Set up Email Campaigns to trigger based on events such when an order was placed, shipped or delivered, including any delays you specify. Weave placeholders into your message to dynamically address the buyer by name, refer to the product they bought and even add a link to the product review page. Format with our rich text editor or modify the HTML code.

Listing Hijack Alerts:
Does the fear of listing hijackers keep you up at night? Since Amazon allows multiple sellers to sell their products on a single ASIN, it’s easy and legal for a hijacker or even Amazon Retail to override your beautifully crafted listings with shoddy or incorrect details. Efficient Era is constantly adding new alerts to help you stay on top of your ASINs.

Seller Feedback Alerts & Automation:
Get notified when someone leaves you Seller Feedback. We also let you customize automated email responses to positive and negative feedback. What's more, you can visually monitor your seller performance through charts and search for feedback by star rating or by marketplace.

Inventory Health Analysis:
Data from Seller Central Reports can be overwhelming and hard to process. Efficient Era's Inventory Health Analysis Charts help you visually track sales and stock and also provide you with Alerts. Annotate these charts with event tags such as price or name changes, special campaigns or special days like Cyber Monday. These annotations give historical context to sales bubbles and stock outs. Efficient Era, 9 August 2017
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Updated 9 Aug 2017.

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