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Feedback Boost reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. It can also send personalized follow-up messages afterwards, so more customers remember who you are. Formerly Feedback Pro.

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Master your eBay Feedback in the eBay App Store! and creator of Feedback Pro for eBay. I'd like to announce the... more


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Trial: 30 days

$11.99 per month


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Master your eBay Feedback in the eBay App Store! and creator of Feedback Pro for eBay. I'd like to announce the... more
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High Volume Seller

Feedback Pro consistently improves feedback scores by 10-30% or more.

HighVolumeSeller is an independent software company that specializes in cloud-based merchant solutions. HighVolumeSeller, 21 June 2011
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Updated 30 Jan 2017.

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