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Fetcher is an Amazon profit analytics tool. A personalized dashboard provides a daily snapshot of overall sales, expenses, and profitability. Cost of goods sold (COGS) analysis tracks PPC spending, Amazon fees, shipping costs and more. A profit and loss statement helps sellers manage their business and handle taxes.

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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
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Trial: 31 days

From $19 per month for up to 2,500 orders, to $99 per month for up to 15,000 orders


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See exactly how much money you’re making on Amazon

Gregory James

I love Fetcher. A simple, clean and VERY ACCURATE tool. I’ve done some side-by-side testing and it’s more accurate than HelloProfit and CashCowPro with some of the equivalent features. I like how far back the data goes back! The mouse-overs and drop-downs are extremely well done so that there is always a clear indication of where the numbers came from. From the supplier's website
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Added 28 Dec 2016. Last updated 28 Dec 2016.

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SellerWit is an analytics tool for Amazon sellers, providing data on sales, pricing, average costs, net profit, and more. SellerWit also provides data on FBA inventory levels including out-of-stock dates, replenishment alerts, reorder ROI calculations, inventory age, storage fees, and more.


HelloProfit provides Amazon sellers with sales and profit analytics, both in aggregate and in detail, in near real-time. Sellers can use data from HelloProfit to guide business decision-making and growth. HelloProfit tracks profitability overall and per ASIN, ROI and profit margin, ranking and BSR, and all customer data. It can also be used for new product research, payout reporting, Sponsored Ads analysis and FBA refunds.


ManageByStats provides product sales performance graphs by brand, product line, individual product and SKU, and an Amazon inventory management feature which predicts reordering quantities. Customer information is easily accessible and searchable, and an Amazon email system is integrated.

Zenstores Insights

Zenstores Insights is a free sales reporting tool for online sellers. It provides a consolidated view of sales performance, which can be drilled into to find the channels, products and customers that are driving business growth. Product heatmaps highlight the best and worst-selling products, and customer leaderboards identify the most valuable buyers. Day-by-day sales trends by channel and account help sellers react quickly to changes.

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