Searches eBay auctions completed in the last 30 days. Search results include charts and statistics of finished and current auctions to show what items have sold for and will sell for. also searches hundreds of other sites so you can see at a glance if items are available elsewhere for a better price.

Mobile-phone optimized version available.


Platforms Web Based
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites eBay Motors, eBay UK,


Trial: None

Basic500 searches per month $19.99 per month
Deluxe2,000 searches per month $29.99 per month


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Added 27 Apr 2007. Last updated 29 Nov 2013.
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Get4it no longer free

I used get4it for a couple of years, but now they charge for it. I decided to subscribe sicne I had already used it for free and it seemed to help me sell more. I don't pay $19 only 10. worth it to me, and in UK less given exchange rate. more

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Promising, but needs more stats and can be slow

Get4It is a free research tool which uses 30 days of completed item data for its searches. The results were sometimes very slow coming but included some useful information. It could be greatly improved with useful statistics like the sell-through rate and best upgrades. Links to actual completed... more

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...supports Parts & Accessories only, Get4It includes eBay Motors but its slow and... more

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eBay and Amazon research tool Get4It has extended its marketplace data to cover the last six months, and added month-over-month comparisons.

The monthly comparison report helps sellers see trends in pricing and sell-through rates. Both monthly and aggregate statistics are displayed in a single search.

Features planned for the future include Inventory Research for sellers to analyze their own stock, and Competitor Watch to monitor competitors.

There are lots of exciting additions to the directory this month, including four free tools and new Order Management applications Just Ship IT and IntelliShip. Order Management is a growing area - whilst the management of auctions up to the point of sale is well catered for, there are relatively few applications that manage the post-sales and shipping process specifically for eBay sellers.

  • AuctionSplash is a new free program for eBay buyers and sellers worldwide, developed by a UK company. Free picture hosting is included.
  • is a free auction monitoring service, with a countdown timer for the last two minutes of each auction.
  • Ebaypix is a flat-rate image hosting service at £3.99 per month
  • Get4It provides free analysis of eBay auctions that ended in the last 30 days
  • Just Ship IT is a order management application for sellers
  • EZ Auction Ad is a new auction ad designer and lister
  • Supreme Auction is a free auction ad designer and lister from a German company. New features and improved support for the English-language version are coming in the summer.
  • IntelliShip is an order management application with monthly and licensed pricing options

No more updates for Get4It

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Get4It allows answers to questions like:

Buyer Questions
* What does it generally cost?
* How often it listed on eBay?
* Where can I buy it online?
* Is a price I'm seeing really a good deal?
* Can I get it cheaper on eBay?
* If I wait to buy, will I get a better deal?
* Can I buy it and resell at a profit?

Seller Questions
* How much can I probably sell it for?
* How much interest is there in it?
* What are the chances of it selling?
* If I sell it on eBay, what is a good "Buy it Now" price?
* What key words will maximize my selling price?
* How many other similar items are currently for sale?
* Should I sell now, or will I make more if I wait?
* Can I make a profit reselling something I just purchased?

While Get4It doesn't offer as much data as eBay's Marketplace Data, it does satisfy the needs of the majority of buyers and sellers and is a free service. Never over-bid or under-list again!, 25 April 2007
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