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Free sniping tool from UK-based Goofbid (formerly Goofbay).


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eBay Sites eBay Australia, eBay France, eBay Germany, eBay Spain, eBay UK,


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Added 26 Nov 2007. Last updated 30 Nov 2013.
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Users of free sniping service Goofbay have received an erroneous email from eBay stating that their account has been compromised and items listed on their account.

Goofbay has stated in an email to users that accounts were not compromised, and the issue has affected many other sniping services. The message was a generic eBay email triggered by an internal security system, Goofbay claim, and eBay are planning to tell users who received the erroneous email that their accounts were not compromised/hijacked.

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Goofbid eBay Sniper

Goofbid eBay auction sniper was the first free and unlimited eBay auction sniper. You can trust Goofbid, one of eBay's largest affiliates. Goofbid also have more eBay tools, from feedback checkers to misspellings, sales and bid history. Goofbid, 16 November 2007
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