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IMEX Sourcing provides comprehensive sourcing, supplier background verification, quality control, inspection, factory auditing and risk management services. IMEX Sourcing also provides a wide range of complementary services such as consulting and lab testing.

IMEX Sourcing is the sourcing services and quality control business of IMEX Liaisons Group based in Guangzhou, China.

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Pre-shipment inspectionIMEX inspector physically inspects the goods $275 per supplier per man-day
China company verification serviceConfirming and verifying any company or supplier $95 per supplier
China visit servicesFull support for trade show visits Contact supplier for a quote
Product development serviceNew or custom product development service Contact supplier for a quote
China factory auditTest claims and analyze capabilities of potential suppliers $358 per company for an audit
$199 per company for a supplier visit
China Import ConsultingDesigned to deal with China import related issues e.g finding reliable and genuine suppliers, QC issues, payments, MOQs, logistics and more. Contact supplier for a quote


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IMEX Sourcing Services - Global Leader for all your Import Needs

We have tons of experience managing quotes from suppliers, carrying out due diligence on suppliers to eliminate the "traders claiming to be manufacturers" and weeding out the small scale factories who take on orders and then outsource them. Where we add the most value however is the quality control aspect, which we control through several levers, such as the Chinese contracts, inspections and background checks. From the supplier's website
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Updated 31 Jan 2017.

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