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Incompetitor is a SaaS-based competitor-tracking tool that helps brands and retailers spot opportunities and market trends to stay on top.

It delivers competitor insights around pricing, promotion and catalog movement, from a database of 1 billion unique products from 130,000+ brands and 1100+ categories.

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The Supplier Says

We’re a SaaS big data retail analytics business

a. Multi-lingual matching capability – convert a catalogue in any language back to English real time (PATENT PENDING)
b. Volume and Scale – our product coverage is now the world’s largest retail database spanning across 1+ billion unique products covering 1100 retail categories across 130k+ brands
c. Accuracy of data set and real-time refresh rate
d. No tech or data integration for client engagement – go live in 30 minutes
Intelligence Node, 13 October 2016
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Added 17 Oct 2016. Last updated 18 Oct 2016.
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