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KIPRT is an Amazon research tool covering over 150 million products.

Users can search by keyword, reviews, sales per day, price, category and more. Results include 30-day historical graphs, pricing, reviews, ratings, and up to 1 year of sales rank and estimated sales data.

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Re: Introduce yourself here

...the data being updated daily. Also, KIPRT is our product research tool that has... more


United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites


Fledgling SellerUp to 250 results saved per search
Up to 100 searches can be stored
$49.95 per month
Savvy SellerUp to 3000 results saved per search
Up to 500 searches can be stored
$99.95 per month
Unequivocal SellerUnlimited results saved per search
Up to 5000 searches can be stored
$249.95 per month


Product Sourcing » Market Research


Re: Introduce yourself here

...the data being updated daily. Also, KIPRT is our product research tool that has... more
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Keyword Inspectors Product Research Tool

We make it easy to find a niche that has the most chance to make you the most money right out the gate. This is done by giving you as much as information as we can, so that you don't have to go to other sources to find other datapoints about a niche.

We have Billions and Billions of datapoints, many of which no other service can offer accept Keyword Inspector. We try to show you this data in an easy to read graph form so you can make an educated decision in minutes, instead of wasting hours on doing it manually with less data to back your decision. From the supplier's website
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Updated 24 Nov 2017.

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