Leanseller is a tracking and management tool for Amazon sellers. It tracks profit by SKU/channels, manages reimbursement for damaged inventory and buyer refunds, and provides accountant-friendly settlement reports that can be dissected by SKU/channels/period.

Leanseller also keeps track of inventory cost changes over time, and the level of inventory at Amazon FCs or in transit. Finally, it can generate performance reports for SKUs and promo codes.

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Canada, Mexico, United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx


Trial: 14 days

$27/month ($270/year) for unlimited orders and inventory


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The Supplier Says

Tracking & management software for savvy Amazon sellers!

Leanseller is all about saving time and money ... its highly customizable dashboard makes it easy to view the most important metrics that matters to you at a glance. For instance, you can select SKUs that you want to keep a close eye on as your "favorite" and they will always show up first in your dashboard.

- You can keep track of important events about your sales activity using our annotation system (similar to Google analytics).

- Leanseller's order manager provides you with a very granular info about each order/refund. For instance, if a buyer gets a refund, we monitor weather he/she returns the item on time or not and report the same on the order manager.

- If you run promotions frequently and want to evaluate the success/failure of your promo codes, you can do so using our promotion performance report. It provides you with info like: how many orders/profit have been generated through each promo code and when.

- Our product performance report provides similar info about your top 50 SKUs. In the report, you will be able to see how many units have been sold in a given period, how much you spent as selling fee, as ppc, promotion and the associated buying cost of each SKU.

These features are just a test, give Leanseller a try today and see if it saves you time and ... a cold hard cash! Leanseller, 25 April 2017
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Updated 28 Apr 2017.
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