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ListSmart provides eBay listing optimisation recommendations using data mining and artificial intelligence.

Processing data from the eBay marketplace, ListSmart makes prioritised recommendations for individual eBay listings. ListSmart learns from changes made in the past to provide targeted future recommendations.

Recommendations can be applied directly to eBay listings, or via a downloadable format for compatible third-party inventory management platforms.

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ListSmart Introduces Better Recommendations, Pricing Insights, and Free Starter Plan

eBay UK optimization tool ListSmart has been updated with a free pricing tier, enhanced algor... more


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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
eBay Sites
Multichannel ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Volo


Trial: Free basic recommendations

FreeRecommendations on 5 listings Free
ProRecommendations on up to 150 listings £10+VAT per month
EnterpriseRecommendations on over 150 listings From £250+VAT per month


eBay Selling » Analytics

eBay Selling » Marketing & SEO

eBay UK optimization tool ListSmart has been updated with a free pricing tier, enhanced algorithms and new pricing data.

The free plan now includes optimization recommendations for five listings of the seller's choice. For £10+VAT per month recommendations will be provided on up to 150 listings. An Enterprise plan caters for larger volumes.

Recommendations are now being provided more quickly in ListSmart. Initial recommendations could previously take up to 5 days, but should now be available within minutes of a seller's registration. The ListSmart algorithm has also been improved to result in better recommendations and improved performance.

Brand new features in ListSmart include:

  • Pricing insights, providing data on the pricing of top sellers so merchants can amend their prices to be more competitive.
  • Monitoring a seller's live listings for changes and estimating the impact of those as sales volume changes.

Existing ListSmart features include:

  • Monitoring live eBay listings
  • Generating actionable recommendations on title, item specific and pricing changes
  • Identifying which listings to focus on
  • One-click publishing of changes back to eBay

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ListSmart is the online retail industry's most sophisticated and comprehensive listing intelligence and recommendation engine.

We provide retailers with meaningful strategic insights and actionable listing recommendations to optimise visibility, conversion and revenue. From the supplier's website
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Updated 19 May 2017.

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