Luzern provides a range of ecommerce outsourcing services.

Services include marketplace sales management, branded online store management, retailer and distributor management, and a comprehensive cross-channel reporting suite.

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Re: Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising

@Luzern Solutions 3) Click Through Rate - What percentage of people actually click... more




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Re: Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising

@Luzern Solutions 3) Click Through Rate - What percentage of people actually click... more
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Europe’s number 1 eCommerce Provider

Founded in 2002, Luzern are Europe’s number 1 eCommerce Platform Provider delivering a one stop solution for Brands and Distributors who wish to execute their eCommerce Strategy across Europe and the World in a timely, cost efficient and effective way.

We are renowned for our speed and flexibility and have delivered outstanding solutions for some of the World’s leading brands including Philips, Haier, Jawbone, Mondelez, Sennheiser and Petsafe. From the supplier's website
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Updated 24 Mar 2017.

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