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Auction Video adds streaming video to online auctions using Macromedia's Flash browser plugin. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent videos recorded (so one video may be shown on multiple listings, and videos can be rerecorded an unlimited number of times).


Compatible webcam recommended


Platforms Web Based
Amazon Sites Amazon.com
eBay Sites All
Shopping Carts Yahoo! Ecommerce


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Low Volume500 views per month $9.95 per month, $5.00 per 500 additional views
Medium Volume5,000 views per month $49.95 per month, $9.00 per 1,000 additional views
High Volume15,000 views per month $99.95 a month, $8.00 per 1,000 additional views


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Added 21 Sep 2004. Last updated 21 Apr 2009.


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The only solution that really works

There is now a pause button. We have developed this product _with eBay_, so it's the smoothest working software solution for video, and I suspect will become the exclusive provider of software onto eBay in the near future. There are already links to Auction Video on eBay, and Meg Whitman called... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
No way to pause the video!

Incredibly, there is no pause button on the video player!!!! Have they thought this through? Any video on a web page has the potential to be very irritating, but an unstoppable one might well lose you customers - it certainly made me leave the web page when I realised hitting the play button would... more

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Auction VIDEO

Any suggestions for Auction Video? The developers watch this board. more
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eBay generated controversy recently by leaving their own certified developers out of their new list of approved video services.

eBay has now updated their policy to include AOL, AuctionMercial, AuctionPlayer.com, Auction VIDEO, CarAuctionPro, CreativeVideosOnline, Google, i2iAuction, Microsoft, MySpace, and YouTube.

Auction VIDEO, a service which adds video to auction ads, has made an agreement to add video clips to AuctionServices.com's auction pages on the web. AuctionServices.com has a calendar system in use by more than 350 live auction companies.

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Auction VIDEO increases your online sales

Auction Video is the default provider of streaming video onto eBay, Overstock, YahooAuctions, and many other auction sites. Through patented technology, Auction Video allows users to record or post any video or slideshow into any online auction. This increases trust and security, prevents against fraud, and is verified by eBay as raising closing prices an average of 8-13%. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent videos recorded (so one video may be shown on multiple listings, and videos can be rerecorded an unlimited number of times.) From the supplier's website