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With Payability, Amazon sellers receive next day access to their Amazon sales. Instead of waiting 2 weeks to get paid, Amazon Sellers can access yesterday's sales revenues today.

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Payability Introduces Next Day Payouts for Amazon Sellers

Payment acceleration service Payability has introduced a new service called Payability Instan... more

Payability Partners with Amazon Launchpad

Cash flow solution Payability has partnered with Amazon to provide financing to startups on A... more


United States


Based in United States, more than $4,000/month in revenue


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Advertising Amazon Product Ads, Commission Junction, Google Adwords, Yahoo! Bing Network
Amazon Sites
Marketplaces Best Buy, Newegg,,


1% of net payout from Amazon


Cash Flow & Loans » Cash Flow & Loans

Payment acceleration service Payability has introduced a new service called Payability Instant Access.

Payability Instant Access is designed to give Amazon Sellers next-day access to their sales revenue.

Payability has been working with Amazon Vendors to accelerate payments on their purchase orders from Amazon, from a standard 30 to 90 days payment cycle to automated weekly payments.

Although Amazon Sellers are paid within weeks rather than months, Payability can enable next-day payments providing near-immediate access to the cash from their sales.

Faster payouts enable sellers to reinvest their sales into more inventory, more quickly.

Source: Payability

Cash flow solution Payability has partnered with Amazon to provide financing to startups on Amazon's Launchpad program.

Amazon Launchpad launched a year ago, and has worked with over 100 leading venture capital firms, startup accelerators, and crowd-funding platforms to help more than 1,000 startups launch products in the US, UK, China, Germany, and France.

Payability enables faster payments for startups selling to large retailers like Amazon.

Source: Payability

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The Supplier Says

Your earnings, faster

What would you do if you had last week's earnings today? Buy more inventory? Ramp up sponsored ads? Take your business to the next level?

Payability advances your earnings daily or weekly (your choice) and we wait to get paid from the marketplace. This isn't a loan and there's no repayment - just your earnings faster.

Signing up with Payability is simple and takes only a few minutes. Our customers that have at least $10,000/month revenue and based in the US, have seen the most impact on growing their business faster. Payability, 4 February 2016
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Added 5 Feb 2016. Last updated 10 Oct 2016.

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