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Refund Retriever automatically detects issues with UPS and FedEx shipments, such as late delivery, duplicate charges and non-shipments, then applies for refunds and verifies that those refunds appear.

Commission is only charged for refunds that are approved and credited back to the shipping account. Reports are provided detailing refund claims by type and status, and details shown so credits can be verified.

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United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Carriers FedEx, UPS


50% commission on refunds recovered



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The Supplier Says

We find the shipping refunds UPS and FedEx owe YOU!

Refund Retriever will automatically detect issues with your shipments, apply for refunds, and verify those refunds appear. And your only cost for these services is a portion of the refunds we find for you! These refunds will appear as credits to your account. For FedEx accounts, the credit is applied to the package’s original invoice, and you can see the credits by viewing invoice in their online portal. For UPS accounts, the credit is applied to a future invoice (we’ll let you know which), and you can see the credits in that invoice’s PDF file or in UPS’s online portal. Of course, we will provide all kinds of reports about disputes by dispute type, dispute status, etc. Of course, we’ll also provide you all the details you need, in many places, to verify the credits. From the supplier's website
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