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RefundTiger identifies FedEx and UPS shipments eligible for refunds, submits claims to the carriers, and follows up manually to recover claims that have been denied.

Refunds are credited directly to the shipper's own FedEx or UPS account, then RefundTiger sends an invoice for their commission at the end of the month.

Full reports are providing detailing refund activity, and helping to identify cost-saving opportunities through consolidation or service downgrade.

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United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Carriers FedEx, UPS


50% commission on refunds recovered



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The Supplier Says

Last year, an estimated $2 billion in shipping refunds were left unclaimed

Sign up for free and we’ll chase down your refunds for you.

* We track and recover ground/express and international shipments
* We get paid for a percentage of the savings we recover. No other fees, EVER.
* Cloud based analytics and reporting system.
* Simple set up-we recover your refunds automatically! From the supplier's website
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