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Scope is an Amazon marketplace research tool.

Users can upload product lists in bulk, and receive back detailed reports with sales and competition data. Scope can also track products, and search for products with high sales and low competition.

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Re: Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" exten for tools along the lines of Seller Labs Scope: Here are the ones which support... more


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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites


Trial: 30 days

Chrome ExtensionData on keywords, search position, sales and profit estimates. Free
EssentialsUnlimited access to keyword database.
Watch up to 100 keywords and products.
$390 per year
StartupUnlimited access to keyword database.
Watch up to 400 keywords and products.
$690 per year


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Re: Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" exten for tools along the lines of Seller Labs Scope: Here are the ones which support... more
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Powerful Product Research For Amazon Sellers

Change the Way You Look for Items to Source From the supplier's website
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Updated 29 Jan 2017.

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