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There are much better options

Signed up for free trial. During the trial I ran into some issues and reached out to their support for help. They provided a response which did not resolve the issue. They still went ahead and charged my credit card. Asked them to cancel and they refused claiming it was past the free trial. I get ... more

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SellerMetrics is a product research and tracking tool for Amazon sellers.

Search by keyword or ASIN to find products and view sales rank, percentile rank, number of reviews, and price offers.

Track the top search results for each keyword, and view the biggest sales rank gains and losses in a selected period of time.

SellerMetrics can also track individual products, or specific product niches.

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Average Rating: stardim stardim stardim stardim star (1 review)

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
There are much better options

Signed up for free trial. During the trial I ran into some issues and reached out to their support for help. They prov... more


United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites


Trial: 14 days

BasicTrack 30 keywords and 30 products, up to 900 searches per month $40/month
ProfessionalTrack 100 keywords and 100 products, up to 3,000 searches per month $80/month
EnterpriseTrack 400 keywords and 400 products, up to 12,000 searches per month $200/month


Product Sourcing » Market Research


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The Supplier Says

Real-Time Research At Your Fingertips

Type in any keyword or ASIN and get the latest search results in real-time.

For each product, view the sales rank, top percentage rank, number of reviews, and offer breakdowns. From the supplier's website
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Updated 13 Aug 2017.

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