Inventory management solution for consignment stores and retail shops.

Consignment features include: commission plans, consignor email notifications, consignor lookup tool, generate checks and reports.

Inventory features include: bulk inventory import, quantity management across multiple channels, inventory count auditing and inventory reporting.


Platforms Web Based
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites eBay Australia, eBay Canada, eBay Ireland, eBay UK,
Marketplaces Craigslist
Payment Authorize.Net, PayPal


Trial: Remainder of the month

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Marketplace Management » Multichannel

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Added 25 May 2005. Last updated 13 Mar 2014.
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AuctionSound WINS!

I tried AuctionWagon, and demo'ed Liberty4 TA before picking AuctionSound! I've been using the software for a little over two weeks and what has impressed me the most is their staff. No ticketing systems, chat screens, or emails, but real live phone support. After Brett finished my demo his sa... more

starstarstarstardim star
Saves time - Still has some growth to be great

I've used AuctionSound and does fall short on a few important things. Lack of accurate reporting of sales in the Report Page. (It DOES NOT total eBay fees from unsold items). They finally added sales tax in the Report Page which is good news. eBay Store support is weak, quantities, automated relis... more

starstarstarstardim star
A dream come true for Australian Trading Assistants!

An easy to use, stable and very well supported application providing everything the Australian Trading Assistant could ask for. Including the management of customers, auctions, inventory, payouts to clients and detailed reporting on income. All of this along with attentive, responsive customer ser... more

This is awesome software

Wow- whoever that power seller is below surely doesn't have a clue! This software is awesome !The staff is Amazing! They are always enhancing to make my life easier! The upgrades they do are on a perpetual wish list from their current customers and they take care of us! I am on 24/7 and have m... more


I put off hiring an employee once I found this fantastic software. They know and understand the business and know and understand customer service. There is nothing I cant do with this software and if I dream it up, they make it happen. It is ever upgrading and making my life easier. If you are... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Great Software If....

First of all you need to justify the cost. $150 a month may not sound like much but it adds up. In a year you have spent $1,800! If your are lucky enough to have a margin of say 30% you will have to have SOLD at least $5,800 of consignment goods. For software that you really don’t even own. I’ve... more

Nicely designed and affordable solution for consignment sellers

AuctionSound was under development for two years for the Online Outpost chain of drop-off stores before becoming a product in its own right. Software benefits from being used and fine-tuned in a real environment, and it shows in AuctionSound's clean design and simple work-flow. Front-of-store st... more

Great meeting you guys!

Hi Matt & Aaron: I can not say enough about Auctionsound and the team of folks that support it. We were an eBay dropoff store that was floundering from the software issues of our franchisor, and Auctionsound bailed us and others out. In less than an hour their support team had us up and running ... more

Finally!! A complete and most importantly an easy solution for my drop off store.

I was excited to try this new software because it was web based. They said it was easy to use, but I didn't realize how easy it would be. The software allows me to database all of my customers and it has a quick search bar, so that I can find them in a flash. I'm able to check in stuff under ea... more

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Re: Auction Splash

...out of ten if you can figure it out auctionsound 7 out of 10 channel advisor ebay... more

Kyozou, eSeller Pro or Channel Advisor anyone??

...our own site). Currently we are using Auctionsound which is an excellent piece of... more

Re: Software for Managing Stock and Image Hosting

...for something low-cost take a look at AuctionSound (web based), AuctionSage, eBay... more

Re: Anyone experienced, I am trying to find a listing progra

...- in addition to inkFrog, are Vendio, AuctionSound, Auction Hawk and of course... more

AuctionSound Integrates ShipRush enhance your shipping options within AuctionSound. AuctionSound will now detect your... more

Re: Auction Management from Start to Finish many as 30-40 listings a day. To AuctionSound and Bill (and the other users who have... more

Re: Auction Management from Start to Finish

...the quick response. I took a look at AuctionSound. Naturally, it seems like a good... more

Re: Auction Management from Start to Finish

...looked at Consignment Selling software? AuctionSound has the best reputation in that field. more

Re: Which software is the best

...specialising in consignment selling. Of those, AuctionSound is particularly well regarded. more

Re: Laris vs Vendio or.......

I've been using AuctionSound for a few years now. I sent them my template and they were able... more

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Consignment selling software SellerVantage has added new shipping tables based on weight.

The new feature allows SellerVantage to calculate shipping for items listed to eBay. The weight-based shipping cost is calculated then submitted to eBay as a flat rate.

Source: SellerVantage

Marketplace management software AuctionSound has been rebranded as SellerVantage from February 1.

The new system supports eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and its own ecommerce storefronts. The SellerVantage launch also introduces the ability to accept PayPal payments on ecommerce storefronts (in addition to, a new QuickBooks file export, and import of eBay Store category structures into the ecommerce storefront.

AuctionSound was originally created when auction-style listings and eBay drop-off stores were very popular ways to sell online, and initially focused on eBay consignment selling (Trading Assistants).

Marketplace management solution AuctionSound has added support for eBay's Multiple Variation Listings (MVLs) - a feature which allows a single product listing to offer more than one option, such as size and color.

AuctionSound is also planning to add support for sellers' own ecommerce websites. Separate pricing will be possible for eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and website, and once an item sells on one channel the listing will automatically be removed from the others.

AuctionSound, a marketplace management solution with its roots in eBay consignment selling, now supports

In addition to Amazon, AuctionSound includes support for Craigslist and eBay US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Consignment selling specialist AuctionSound has release a number of product enhancements:

  • Auto-relisting for consignment items
  • Catalog specifics display on the Item Specifics page
  • Larger images uploaded to eBay
  • Set a consignor's default commission plan

eBay auction management solution AuctionSound has upgraded their servers to improve performance as well as introducing several feature improvements.

The new features include template update for active listings, fully built-in Craigslist posting, exporting reports to Excel, and better photo support for buyers using mobile apps.

Auction management tool for consignment sellers AuctionSound now supports classified ads site Craigslist.

The new feature includes Craigslist listing, tracking, and sales management.

Order management software ShipWorks now supports the 3DCart shopping cart system.

ShipWorks now supports 30 shopping carts and marketplaces including the following eBay/Amazon management solutions: AuctionSound, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, and ProStores.

Auction management solution AuctionSound has added integration with shipping software ShipWorks.

ShipWorks downloads orders, prints shipping labels, manages emails, and updates the status of each order.

This follows AuctionSound's integration of shipping program ShipRush in March this year.

Auction management tool AuctionSound is now integrated with shipping solution ShipRush.

AuctionSound provides a Ship Via ShipRush function that giving the ability to combine orders, print labels, send email notifications and populate tracking numbers and costs into AuctionSound.

ShipRush is a third-party application with links to major shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. The FedEx and USPS versions of ShipRush are free of charge.

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That's Us Technologies (1 other profile listed)

The Supplier Says

How are you managing hundreds of auctions on eBay per month?

AuctionSound is a certified eBay compatible application developed on the front lines of the eBay Drop-Off business. Our software provides immediate access to customer data and detailed auction information to help you provide excellent customer service. Our consignor email notifications and customer lookup module keeps customers informed throughout the entire auction process.
We also provide a full suite of tools to help you work as efficiently as possible. Multiple auction template support, and predefined commission structures streamline the intake and listing process, while detailed sales reporting, check printing and Quickbooks compatiblity track your bottom line.

To schedule a live online demonstration visit us at or call us toll free at (866) 881-3229. That's Us Technologies, 18 July 2007
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