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Skubana has prepared us for the next level of growth!

What was good about this product or service overall? We have tried over 12 different platforms for order management software and by far Skubana has exceed our expectations and met 100% of our needs Could anything have been better? Their shipping component is area where we were a little sk... more

Skubana makes running a business fun again

What was good about this product or service overall? Customer support couldn't be better. I feel like I have a friend covering my back at all times working with Skubana, which is the most important thing with such an integrated program What could have been better? It's very challenging... more

Incredibly well architected, holistically integrated

We switched to Skubana in the context of opening up our own 10k sqft warehouse. Skubana powers our entire warehouse, inventory and fulfillment functions and we could not be happier. The system was designed and developed by a team of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, e.g., the founder and CEO Cha... more

Great solution to run inventory & order managment

Skubana has been a great option for many of our clients who are looking for a cost effective way to not only help them manage multiple fulfillment locations and sales channels, but their procurement process as well. For smaller to medium size businesses, this tool is a great solution and allows th... more

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Great Comprehensive Platform

We've really liked the PO system and the order fulfillment (and those were our 2 biggest needs). There are still some bugs that need to be fixed (they are working on those). This will be a 5-star system as soon as they release updates for telling you how much to send to FBA fulfillment centers. more

Great System, Increasing our Sales and Profits!

We switched from a competitor's platform to Skubana about four months ago, and we couldn't be happier! Skubana accurately integrates our inventory quantities with eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Sears, Rakuten, and our Shopify website, removing items from all of the sites when they sell out. I have cl... more

Finally a software that WORKS!

You need automation to properly manage your business, and Skubana is just the right tool for us. We struggled to manage our inventory across all our marketplace ( never ending xls file.. ) and we needed a software that will help us with our daily routine. ( cut down the noise! ) At first it wasn... more

Phenomenal Customer Service for price; Efficient Shipping

We've used Skubana to ship domestically and internationally, wholesale and direct to consumer, through Shopify and manual orders. We also use it to manage inventory and sales reports. It does what it should in a simple to use manner. And their customer support is excellent. more

Skubana is Getting Me on the track to Success

I Love Skubana... when i started with them i was on a very rough situation after coming out of my year end with a loss.. and skubana gave me the chance to recognize were my loss is and were my profit margins are to determine what to sell and what not to sell... Thanks Skubana... more


We love Skubana! It has saved us so much time as we sell on multiple channels. You can even have all of your inventory sent to you in an excel file in a click of a button. And the support is quite incredible. They walk you through how to use their platform and any time you have questions or can't ... more

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Skubana manages all back-end e-commerce operations in one place, including order processing, shipping, inventory management, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), vendor management and cross channel analytics.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (25 reviews)

Absolutely the VIP of our business

After trying every other similar service on the market, we tried Skubana and haven't looked back. It's without a doubt... more

love it

As a jewelry company, we need to take special care of inventory tracking and management. We have plenty of moving piec... more

The last e-commerce tool we'll need

Out of the box Skubana has key features that allow us to run our business without worrying about all of the details th... more

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United States


Platforms Android App, API, Web Based / SaaS
Accounting QuickBooks, Xero
Amazon Sites,,,,,,
Carriers DHL, Express 1, FedEx, UPS, USPS
eBay Sites
Fulfillment FBA
Multichannel Webgility
Other Marketplaces Jet, Newegg,, Marketplace,
Point of Sale (POS) Shopify POS
Shipping Software Endicia
Shopping Carts BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify


Trial: 14 days

Price per transaction, based on order volume. Starting at 30¢ per shipment for standard orders, and 15¢ per shipment for FBA orders. Monthly minimum charge of $499.00.


Multichannel Management » Inventory & Channel Management


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UPS tracking link not working

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Free eCommerce Consultation - Private labelling, and more!

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Re: Which inventory control software do you use and why ?

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Skubana (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

Manage your entire e-commerce backend, painlessly without breaking the bank.

Let us help you focus on your business, not get lost in it.
We are inviting ecommerce sellers to Skubana's Beta program. Gain early access to a complete order, inventory, customer management and shipping platform.

Please email for more details.

Reinventing the way you ECOMMERCE
As Amazon and eBay have changed the way consumers buy online, Skubana is revolutionizing the way you sell products online with one unified platform for everything that happens after an order is made.

Make Every Order Count
Real Business Value from One Platform
Skubana Insights (TM) gives cross channel intelligence on your business.

Value you can measure:
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Lower operations costs
- Boost loyalty and retention
- Accelerate your business

Fix the roadblock to your growth
Every business hits an inflection point. When you remove the bottlenecks and gain visibility into your business, growth happens immediately. Instead of hacking together Excel spreadsheets, automate your business rules. Skubana, 18 March 2015
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Updated 16 Oct 2016.

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