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Social Streamer automatically posts eBay listings to Twitter and Facebook.

Items to promote are chosen based on popularity, supply, demand, and social comments. Listing information that frequently changes is highlighted to help engage followers.

An unlimited number of streams can be created using automation rules and factors such as the number of bidders or auction end time.

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The Supplier Says

Attract new buyers from social networks by promoting the right listings at the right time.

Social Streamer goes beyond your listing descriptions by highlighting information that frequently changes about your listing -- to engage your customers at a personal level.

Smart Promotion
Social factors change the popularity of your listings. We decide which items to promote based on popularity, supply, demand, and things people say about you and your products!

More Fans and Followers
Your fan base and visitors slowly increase over time, as we build your reputation.

More Automation Rules
Create an unlimited number of Streams based on different factors such as number of bidders or ending time. From the supplier's website
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Updated 1 Feb 2017.

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