UpFund.io is a crowdfunding platform for Amazon sellers and investors. Funding campaigns are created by Amazon sellers and investors can contribute money to manufacture or purchase goods on consignment, to be sold by the seller.

Sellers can raise up to $100,000 in their first campaign, and can offer investors between 10% and 25% ROI over 3-6 months. All types of Amazon sellers with an earnings history are eligible.

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$399 technology fee plus investor ROI. Technology fee refunded if funding goal not met.


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About UpFund.io

At UpFund.io, we offer an opportunity that no one has offered to you before — an opportunity that will bring your creative ideas to life, that will accelerate your growth and help you win while investors earn for helping Amazon business’s grow — UpFund’s crowdfunding opportunity.

With UpFund’s crowdfunding option, you no longer have to worry about getting a loan approval or making hefty interest payments to creditors. We offer you a platform where you can market your products and partner with hundreds and thousands of investors with profit sharing percentage decided by you. With Bonolo, you will never have to purchase inventory or pay for shipping again. Finances are covered by the crowd while you focus on selling and innovation.

Scale your business with unlimited funding from UpFund. Investors are waiting to make your product launch a success. Don’t hesitate. Get started today to seize the UpFund crowdfunding opportunity. From the supplier's website
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Updated 5 Nov 2016.

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