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Good Rates, Great Service

Having just begun using a couple of World First's products, I noted that their fees structure is quite competitive, and their customer service is fantastic. We were helped every step of the way in setting up our accounts and setting. more

Easy to use and helpful customer servie

This has been easy to use when setting up payments from Italy for sales on The set up was straightforward and any queries I phoned World First and they were most helpful. Thank you. more

Thank you, World First.

I have been a client of World First (foreign exchange) for about five years. I have found the service excellent. Inquiries are responded to promptly and courteously. The rates of exchange are the best available and the website is user friendly and informative. It is a pleasure for me to have ... more

Marketplace Sellers - Look No Further!

Once set up - which took a little while due to money laundering regulations, I have found World First very easy to use. Transfers are done in minutes and payments rapid, the exchange rate maps closely what I would get from my bank, but without all the charges having multiple current accounts would... more

World First is first class!

As a business in the US, it's not always easy to conduct financial transactions with European buyers. World First makes it easy to collects funds at little or not cost. Their website is easy to navigate and transfers are made within 24 hours of initiating. Whenever I have a question, I get a perso... more

World First Currency Exchange

Highly recommended. We are a micro internet business who can access competitive exchange rates, improving our margins, and providing access to markets that would otherwise be unavailable to us. It is a pleasure to deal with real people, and yes they do answer the phone within three rings, with... more

Great Service Great Rates Great People

I have been using World First for nearly a year now and I have had nothing but great service from them since day 1. Right out of the gate they were head and shoulders above everyone else I had been dealing with up to that point. I wish I'd found them sooner. The account set up was easy, I get awes... more

Worldfirst Saved My Bacon!

As a non-US citizen I started out selling products on last year. Banking issues proved to be a real nightmare if you weren't in the US to open a bank account. When the only option I had for receiving funds from the US, was pulled from underneath me, I was in dire straits. Fortunately... more

World First experience

I began to work with WorldFirst when we decided to start selling in Amazon Canada. The process of opening an account in CAD was easy and fast and it allowed us to commence our business over there immediately. With the time we have faced important advancements with regards to IT. What we initially ... more

Professional and Reliable Banking service provided

I have been associated with World First for last five years and mantain five different currency accounts with them. Competitive pricing and timely funds transfer are few of the remarkable qualities i have utilized. more

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World First provides non domestic bank accounts for international marketplace retailers, providing a more cost effective way of repatriating sales revenue from international marketplace sites.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (22 reviews)

Excellent customer service!

I've had a great experience with World First since I signed up with them. Setting up an account was easy and making tr... more

Excellent Service

I sell private label on Amazon US and I would highly recommend World First to any Amazon Seller. My account manager is... more

Fancy Pants Store Review of World First

A great service with friendly staff and an easy to set-up & use website. We set up our account to help us save money w... more

Latest News

World First Removes Currency Transfer Transaction Fees

Currency exchange company World First has removed all fees for bringing funds back to the sel... more

World First and Cdiscount Launch Partnership

Currency exchange service World First has a new partnership with leading French marketplace C... more

World First Launches Online Seller Currency Transfers from Japan

Currency exchange company World First has launched a new service for online retailers worldwi... more

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@simonthepieman World First can set you up a US based $ bank account, the only problem... more




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No bank account opening fees, no ongoing monthly charges, no transfer fees to bank accounts - please contact supplier for live exchange rates


International Selling » Currency Exchange

Currency exchange company World First has removed all fees for bringing funds back to the seller's home country and currency.

Charges were previously made to transfer balances under £500 or $1,000. There are now no transaction costs or minimum balances required when executing a foreign exchange transaction out of online sales proceeds.

By transferring funds more frequently, sellers will be able to improve cash flow and restock more quickly.

Source: World First

Currency exchange service World First has a new partnership with leading French marketplace Cdiscount.

World First is now integrated into Cdiscount's seller portal and registration process, to ensure that thousands of new and existing international sellers trading on the Cdiscount marketplace can take advantage of World First's service.

World First offers free Euro receiving accounts so merchants can collect marketplace revenue in the local currency, then transfer their earnings back home through World First at a better exchange rate than conventional international bank transfers.

Head of Partnership Sales (EMEA) at World First Luke Trayfoot said, "With a growing number of international online sellers signing up for Cdiscount, a viable solution to repatriate their revenues is paramount to the success of their marketplace growth plans. At World First, it is our mission to get as many of our sellers on marketplaces that work for their business, and our partnership with Cdiscount will help us to engage with our audience in more ways than one.

Source: World First

Currency exchange company World First has launched a new service for online retailers worldwide selling through Japanese marketplaces.

International merchants selling to customers based in Japan can now save time and money by using World First to transfer their sales proceeds home.

By removing unnecessary hurdles like the need to open a local bank account, World First is helping international sellers tap into Japan's thriving ecommerce market.

Commenting on the launch, Jabu Henson, Managing Director for World First Asia said;

"We are excited to be launching our award-winning service in Japan and helping online sellers make the most of the eCommerce opportunity in the region in the process. As the first provider to offer this service, we are opening up the attractive and fast-growing Japanese market to thousands of online sellers across the globe."

Source: World First

Currency exchange service World First and third-party logistics provider James and James Fulfilment have both won Queen's Awards for Enterprise on 21st April, the day of the Queen's 90th birthday.

World First won the Award for International Trade, and James and James Fulfilment won the Award for Innovation.

World First's co-founders, Jonathan Quin and Nick Robinson, and James and James founders, James Hyde and James Strachan, will also attend a reception at Buckingham Palace in July.

Jonathan Quin, CEO and co-founder of World First, said: "It's always nice to win awards but to be one of a select few businesses to receive a Queen's Award as recognition of our success in international trade is especially pleasing. We set ourselves challenging growth targets and it is our innovative approach to technology coupled with an absolute focus on our customers that helps us to achieve these targets, and in so doing help thousands of SMEs and marketplace sellers around the world to increase their international trade too."

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise, considered the UK's highest accolade in business, are presented following recommendations to HM The Queen by the Prime Minister.

Source: World First and James and James

Currency exchange company World First has partned with European retailer Pixmania to provide bank accounts to sellers on its third-party marketplace PixPlace.

Through the new partnership, online sellers can expand their business in several European countries using Pixmania, and access World First's competitive exchange rates every time they send money back to their home back accounts.

Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships at World First, said, "It's fantastic to be teaming up with such a great name in European e-Commerce, but more than that, it's great news for global sellers who can easily set up with Pixmania, put their products in front of even more people and see their business grow."

Founded in 2000, Pixmania covers 14 European countries and welcomes 7.7 million unique visitors to its site every month.

Source: World First

An in-depth interview with Alex Sullivan, Chief Commercial Officer at World First, has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

Alex talks about how World First got started, why sellers come to them for help with currency exchange, how they help sellers get set up on new international marketplaces, the importance of customer service and more.

Inside Ecommerce Currency Exchange Specialist World First

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Currency exchange company World First has partnered with US marketplace Newegg to help international merchants sell to the United States.

The partnership will help international merchants selling in the US as part of Newegg's Global Seller Program, combining access to a US bank account and competitive exchange rates with the Newegg marketplace.

"World First offers a credible, convenient and cheaper alternative to a bank wire transfer and this partnership will help us offer a more profitable way to repatriate hard-earned sales revenues," says Sophia Tsao, Head of Newegg Marketplace. "Newegg sellers work hard to deliver great prices and saving money in currency conversion is good for everyone: retailers and customers alike."

Newegg is offering World First customers who start on Newegg as new global sellers 2% off all sales commissions.

"Newegg is a trusted, successful brand in the US and it's exciting to announce this partnership," says Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships at World First. "We know that too many international marketplace sellers are losing money off their bottom-line just because of costly payment methods. Helping Newegg sellers get that right is what's really exciting about this partnership for us."

Source: World First

Currency exchange company World First has partnered with arbitrage tool ProfitSourcery and fulfillment service FBA Prep UK.

Mark Bond, e-commerce expert at World First, said; "We're committed to helping online sellers globally find better and more efficient ways of operating and it's great to find two partners that share that objective. For international etailers, selling into the UK brings huge opportunities but no shortage of headaches too. Our friends at ProfitSourcery and FBA Prep UK can help our clients find peace of mind that they're stocking the right inventory and that it's in good condition and correctly prepared before warehousing."

As part of the partnership, ProfitSourcery is offering existing World First clients one month free, which will be applied automatically when signing up via

FBA Prep UK is offering World First clients a £20 account credit via this link.

ProfitSourcery is a subscription service for those who sell on Amazon UK, providing them with data on the fastest selling 1% of products on Amazon in each category. FBA Prep UK is an intermediary service for Amazon sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), providing quality inspection, preparation and labelling.

Source: World First

UK-based currency specialists World First are running a webinar on Wednesday 3 September on international marketplace selling.

The webinar will be 45 minutes long and feature:

  • Jason Brankin, Head of Ecommerce at World First, on the currency impacts of international marketplace selling.
  • Andy Spencer and Laurent Doggett from Accordance VAT, on international VAT regulations for marketplace sellers.
  • Open Q&A session for attendees.

World First helps international sellers save money when converting foreign sales proceeds back to their home currency. Accordance VAT are experts on VAT for ecommerce sellers.

Register for the webinar here.

Source: WorldFirst

The next Online Seller Wales event will be taking place at Brightpearl’s offices in Bristol on Saturday 28 June.

The event starts with a case study from Blue Web Retail, one of Brightpearl's customers, followed by a talk from World First on currency exchange, and practical sessions on what to do when eBay sales go flat, and how to win Amazon's Buy Box.

Registration is through Eventbrite.

Source: Online Seller Wales

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Re: USD dollar bank account

I was using World First initialy to receive seller proceeds from Amazon UK. But World First... more

Re: USD dollar bank account the "World... more

Re: USD dollar bank account

@simonthepieman World First can set you up a US based $ bank account, the only problem... more

Re: USD dollar bank account

...quote 2% above mid-market rates. With WorldFirst and CurrenciesDirect you have to login... more

Re: Online Seller Cellar - Manchester Meetup - 28th March

World First have just published a blog post announcing our speakers for the Online Seller... more

Online Seller Cellar - Manchester Meetup - 28th March really doesn’t have to be that way. World First wants to bring this community... more

FRUUGO - How other channels should be

...rates. No need for a service such as WorldFirst etc. Apart from giving you a quick... more

Re: Selling cross border issues fees. There are companies such as World First who can provide bank accounts in... more

eCommerce Expo 2016 - London

Hi Everyone, World First will be at eCommerce Expo in London, tomorrow and Thursday and... more

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The Supplier Says

World First Ecommerce

For online marketplace sellers, the prospect of having to set up international bank accounts in order to sell abroad can be rather daunting. Additionally the 3-4% charge placed by the likes of Amazon and banks can adversely affect your bottom line. World First can reduce your costs by 1-2%, and cut out the stress of opening bank accounts.
We help over 12,000 online merchants save money every time they repatriate revenues of international sales on marketplaces. They make it straightforward by opening bank accounts for receiving funds in GBP, USD, CAD, AUD and EUR on your behalf, so you can trade on international marketplaces.
World First Online has an easy-to-use online platform, which allows you to repatriate your funds to your native business account when it suits you or when you feel the exchange rate is in your favour – 24/7.
Get in touch with our ecommerce team at World First on 020 7801 1068 and they’ll run you through your options. Sign up online, and start saving time and money.
WorldFirst, 24 November 2014
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Updated 6 Oct 2017.

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