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XSellco High5 is a feedback solicitation tool for both Amazon and eBay sellers. Improve seller rating through automated intelligent feedback and product review requests.

Develop a targeted, automated feedback strategy that reduces negative feedback and wins positive reviews from customers.

Benefits include increasing positive feedback, improving seller rating, and controlling which messages are sent to which customers and when.

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Interview with XSellco’s Ray Nolan and Victor Corcoran

An interview has been published with XSellco's founder Ray Nolan and CEO Victor Corcoran.... more

XSellco Acquires ReplyManager

Provider of cloud-based tools for marketplace sellers XSellco has acquired rival business Rep... more




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ProfessionalAll features - Up to 25,000 mails per month £59 p/m
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Feedback & Reviews » Feedback & Review Solicitation

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eBay Selling » Feedback

An interview has been published with XSellco's founder Ray Nolan and CEO Victor Corcoran.

Price and Reputation: An Interview with XSellco's Ray Nolan and Victor Corcoran

We talked about XSellco's history, their tools Fusion, Price Manager and High5, and their plans for the future.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Provider of cloud-based tools for marketplace sellers XSellco has acquired rival business ReplyManager.

Both companies provide customer support tools for marketplace sellers: XSellco Fusion and ReplyManager. The acquisition will allow them to share best practices, further develop their tools, improve customer support and expand globally.

"We're very excited to become a part of the XSellco team," said Jodi Gaines Pereira, founder and CEO of ReplyManager. "Joining with XSellco was the next logical step to foster continued growth. It allows us to further extend our market reach into Europe and Asia. Most importantly, we'll be able to provide our customers with cutting edge, integrated tools that will make selling online more profitable and more efficient than ever before."

Ray Nolan, founder of XSellco said "ReplyManager has significant market penetration in the US and overseas markets and we believe it can help XSellco further accelerate the pace of growth of our rapidly expanding customer base. In Jodi and her team, we have found truly motivated and knowledgeable partners on whose years of market expertise we can draw to help us improve our products and design new ones."

XSellco, based in Dublin, Ireland, acquired Florida-based ReplyManager for an undisclosed sum. Both companies are privately held. ReplyManager founder Jodi Gaines Pereira will remain as CEO and along with her team continue to support ReplyManager customers and continue developing the product.

Alongside their customer support tool, XSellco also provide an automated repricing tool called Price Manager. XSellco is owned by Irish entrepreneur Ray Nolan who previously built the Hostelworld.com brand, and chaired Skyscanner.com and Storyful.com amongst others.

ReplyManager was created in 2001 and is the world's leading customer support tool for businesses selling through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Source: ReplyManager

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The Supplier Says

XSellco High5 is the only feedback solicitation tool for both Amazon and eBay sellers.

XSellco High5 is the only feedback solicitation tool for both Amazon and eBay sellers. Improve your seller rating through automated intelligent feedback requests and product reviews.

Develop a targeted, automated feedback strategy that reduces your negative feedback and wins you positive reviews from your happy customers, meaning you sell more!

Key Benefits include:
Increase Positive Feedback.
Improve Seller Rating & Sell More!
Right Message, Right Customer, Right Time.
Control message delivery with detailed rules.
Build fully customizable emails.

Features include:

Automate Reviews & Feedback:
-Create dynamic rules based on order events.
-Tailored messages based on Product Name, Type, SKU, etc.

Control message delivery:
-Set when you want your emails to be delivered
-Blacklist sensitive SKUs

Customize Templates & SmartTags
-Setup customizable templates for automation
-Use SmartTags for quick customization

Amazon & eBay Compliant
-Always stays within the guidelines

World-class support

Customer Testimonial
The High5 mail software works a treat. If there are any amendments I need to make their support staff are always on hand to speak to. Just a good all round experience.

Julius Oliveti - Gizmo Deals Ltd

Supporting Stats - 88% agree creating feedback rules improves efficiency, 75% agree they have increased their seller rating. XSellco, 29 July 2016
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Added 24 Aug 2015. Last updated 24 Nov 2016.

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