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AuctionTamer Interview

We talk to Mike Potter, Founder and CEO of Envision Software, developer of AuctionTamer, a management solution for both buyers and sellers.

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WR: You have been programming for 25 years, from games in the 80s, accounting software in the 90s, and auction tools in the 2000s. How does the software industry of the 80s and 90s compare with your work today?
MP: I would say that the Internet has changed the industry the most. I remember the first game I wrote and published back in 1980 and how I had to duplicate the cassette tapes, print manuals, package it and then find dealers to sell it. Today people download programs, read the manuals online and purchase directly from the company. This works so much better for both the company and the user.
WR: AuctionTamer was one of the first third-party tools for eBay. What was the inspiration for its creation?
MP: Many times the software I write comes out of my own needs. When eBay first came out there was no such thing as a watch list. So I was putting the items I was watching into the IE favorites list. That really didn't work very well. So I wrote a program that would have a tabbed browser and a watch list where the items I added would update in real time. It sure did help me in winning auctions and so I registered the name AuctionTamer and put it on the net.
WR: What have been the biggest changes to AuctionTamer in its history?
MP: I would say the addition of the sniping options for buyers and all the selling features. When AuctionTamer first came out it was only for auction buyers and as more sellers started contacting us we included everything from posting to post management.
WR: AuctionTamer is known for supporting new and specialist auction sites. Why have you taken that approach?
MP: I did this because eBay isn't the only player and sometimes you can find better deals elsewhere. In the first release of AuctionTamer we supported, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and uBid. Now we support about 20 auction sites. As an auction seller the more markets you are in the better chance you have at making a sale.
WR: What's next for AuctionTamer?
MP: Pretty much just stay on top of things to make sure it is running smoothly and then add a few new features as needed.
WR: What other products does Envision Software have for online auction users?
MP: We have a free sniping tool called BidTamer which is basically AuctionTamer without the watch list and seller features.
WR: Thank you for your time and best wishes for the future.

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Article Added: 5 September 2005
Last Updated: 5 September 2005

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