The Amazon Sourcing Strategy That Really Works

This hugely successful Amazon sourcing strategy doesn’t depend on importing, private labeling or "perfect products" and it's hard to compete against.

By Andrew Tjernlund

Ecommerce Supply Chain Management: Reducing Cost and Inefficiency

How to cut costs and streamline the ecommerce supply chain: inventory cost, inventory valuation, quality control, sales channels, warehousing and logistics.

By Crystal Gilliam

Buying From China: Manufacturers vs Trading Companies vs Sourcing Agents

We explain the differences between Chinese manufacturers, trading companies and sourcing agents - and which is right for your business.

By Ashish Monga

Why Selling on Amazon is Like Trading on the Stock Market

The most successful Amazon sellers have adapted to the new retail model by using a strategic and analytical approach similar to trading on the stock market.

By Lauren Shepherd

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