Quantum Networks Interview: It’s all About the Brands

From a tiny cube office in Manhattan to exclusive deals with huge brands, this company has come a long way.

By Andy Geldman

So, You Got Funded on Kickstarter – Now What?

How to leverage a Kickstarter campaign using Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Launchpad, email marketing and Facebook.

By Ivelin Demirov

How to Use Amazon’s Inventory Reports: Active Listings and Cancelled Listings

Where to find them, what they contain, and how to use them in your business.

By Joshua Price

How to Fight Amazon Rights Infringement Claims

What sellers should do when faced with a Notice of Claimed Infringement including best practices for plans of action and DMCA counter notices.

By Chris McCabe

Multichannel Selling Through Online Marketplaces: Present and Future

Amazon dominates and eBay is transforming, while major new contenders and niche marketplaces emerge.

By Linda Chew

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