Should You Diversify Away From Amazon? Or Go All-In Instead?

Amazon marketplace “roll-up” companies are buying FBA businesses, but they aren’t looking for the next big thing. All they want to do is sell more on Amazon.

By Andy Geldman

Amazon and MAP Policies: Enforcing Your Minimum Advertised Price

How can you enforce your brand’s minimum price on Amazon, when there are sellers you can’t identify and Amazon won’t help protect your brand?

By Joe Kovacs

eBay SEO: 20 Tips to Improve Your eBay Search Ranking

Here’s how to get to the top of eBay’s search results, from listing optimization and advertising, to product identifiers and item specifics.

By Matthew Ferguson

The Future of Ecommerce is a Psychedelic Mashup of Online Trends

Influencers, live video streaming, social media, gamification and ecommerce have been combined into one chaotic and addictive shopping experience.

By Andy Geldman

Why Amazon Will Never Be The “Everything Store”

Amazon’s latest expansion makes it clear where its limitations lie. Luxury Stores looks great and keeps out the riff raff, but it will never catch on.

By Andy Geldman

Scale Your Ecommerce Business with Virtual Assistants from iMultiChannel

Outsourcing with VAs and managed services is a reliable, cost-effective, solution to grow your team and manage your ecommerce platforms.

By Michael Burns

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