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Is Amazon Controlling My Sales? No Matter What I Do, They Stay Flat

By Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson explains how following “the data brick road” and embracing change can prevent your Amazon sales from flatlining.

Is Amazon Controlling My Sales? No Matter What I Do, They Stay Flat

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Mark Hetherington

I’ve heard all of this before, the questions and the replies – I deliberately didn’t say “answers” – yet there is a lot of evidence that many sellers on both ebay and amazon have experienced similar scenarios. In my case, and that of many others, the issue is on ebay, where sales not only plateau but actually fall off that plateau, and in many cases overnight. You read about these cases and you think those people are doing something wrong and not doing enough research and so on, then it happens to you and you realise it’s very real. I… Read more »


Hi Mark, Would gladly pick this up directly with you offline. Ping me if of interest. In general its the problem of visualizing the macro to all this. Why items dip in sales, then pick up again is virtually impossible to determine because its in many ways the famous butterfly effect. (A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and a Hurricane forms over the Atlantic as a result a month later). We’re talking about hundred of millions of buyers, tens of thousands of sellers, millions upon millions of SKU’s, stock adjustments, pricing adjustments, supplier changes, account health metrics, conversion rates,… Read more »

Mark Hetherington

Agreed, there are no 100% certainties with online selling but I think many of us feel there are things that don’t work as they should and need fixing by the main platforms.

What many of us do not understand is why sales drop off a cliff overnight, not just a few product lines but everything. That’s not “standard procedure”. Personally I would be happy these days just to keep them reasonably steady. PM sent.


There is indeed an Amazon throttle. It’s called sales velocity, based partially on your seller performance, over the last 90 days.

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