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Amazon Gated Categories: How to Get Approved in Restricted Categories

By Alex Knight

The Amazon marketplace is not a free-for-all. Here’s how gated categories work, and the process for getting approved to sell in them.

Amazon Gated Categories: How to Get Approved in Restricted Categories

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Shakeel Ahmad

What if we source online where we receive invoices to our email inbox? Can we submit those invoices for amazon review?


Replying to Shakeel Ahmad

Hi Lauren, Thank you for this enlightening article. This is the best article I’ve found on the topic so far. I like that you minimise the barriers of selling in the restricted categories. I have a few questions on some points of the article: I am aiming to apply to the clothing category. I am confident I have most of the requirements (pictures ready, more than five products). I have an ecommerce website, It’s just ready now (shopping cart works). However, as you can imagine, sales are low for now. Now I noticed you mentioned “But if you have no… Read more »

Ed from Profit Sourcery

Replying to David

Hi David, As part of the process of approving you to sell in restricted categories, Amazon will take into account your seller history. They will look at your Amazon seller account, or you can show a good seller history through your own website. If you have no previous experience as a seller, it will help your application if you start with open category products to build up your seller metrics before you apply for restricted categories. Amazon usually require three invoices from three different suppliers or three from the same supplier, to ungate a category. If you can’t provide three… Read more »


Replying to Ed from Profit Sourcery

What if they saying we can’t verify vendor address and vendor is already selling on Amazon?

Aditya anand

Replying to Shakeel Ahmad

I have a huge variety of infant toys.
Is there any way i can get approval for selling of infant toys on amazon?


Great post Lauren!
If i’m planning to create my Private Label product in one of these categories (Beauty) is the approval-process the same or should I first apply for brand registry on Amazon? I’m currently selling PL products in non-restricted category, and I didn’t apply yet for brand.registry..

Ed Brooks

Replying to alex

We don’t really touch PL so difficult to provide any constructive advice on teh differences here w/regard to brand registry etc. Can anyone else chip in on this one?


Does Amazon police the keyword terms used in a product listing description? In other words can words be used that the consumer does not see and do not appear any where on the listing that might otherwise be flagged as relating to a restricted item? For instance if a keyword search term is used that gives the customer access to a product that has alternative uses that might be prohibited does Amazon police the keywords the seller uses or just what the public will see on the listing?


Replying to JW

Given that the product is listed on the right category, you can use all the keywords you want if you think they relatesomehow to your product. For instance you could list a “shower head set” in Home Improvement (ungated) and add, as a search term the keyword “hygiene”, which is more related to the Health&personal care category (gated) than to the HI category. There is not such a thing as a “keyword police”, but you do have to list your product in the correct category.


Replying to JW

Hello JW,

As Alex has said below there are no “keyword police”. The keywords you use do not appear on the listing anywhere so the customer will not be aware of these. The restriction is based on the category the product is listed in not the keywords used,




This is the response I’ve been getting while trying to get approved in health & personal care:

“as of now we are not accepting retail receipts, packing slips, sales orders, invoices from an online retailer, or pro-forma invoices.”

If no packing slips, no invoices from an online retailer, and no retail receipts, what does that leave?? I’m confused!

Andy Geldman

Replying to Regan

Invoices from a wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor!


Okay, I went the wholesaler route and got the invoices. I bought a case on each invoice that had 24-36 items each. They’re saying now that isn’t enough. 24-36 isn’t enough? What’s the magic number?


Replying to Regan

10 units. That’s 10 cases not pieces.


Hi Lauren,
Great post. Crystal clear!
I am a brand new seller on Amazon and am currently looking at buying an OEM beauty product from a Chinese supplier and sending it to an FBA warehouse in the US. What sort of documentation will I have to provide Amazon with to get approval for the product? As I am new, I have no track record or seller history. But the product is pretty tame and is already being sold on Amazon.
Thanks for any advice you can give me.


I was told I cannot use packing slips. I was also told an invoice from an online wholesaler is not acceptable! So who am I suppose to show an invoice from then? Most business is conducted online! They won’t accept the MSDS either, even though they said they wanted the safety data forms. I’m at a loss!!!!

Ed Brooks

Replying to Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

Amazon are quite strict about the information that needs to be shown on invoices. Make sure they include the UPC/EAN, all the details for the supplier, company name and number, VAT number, website, contact details and email for verification. It helps if the quantity shown is obviously for more than personal use, and when you submit your application, add photos of your stock, and the ASIN of the products currently on Amazon.

Hope this helps!

Ed from Profit Sourcery


Replying to Ed Brooks

My manufacturing company is in USA and they manufacturing for me product. Do they need VAT number and why they saying to me they can’t verify vendor address from invoices?

Charray Kennedy

I cannot give ungated in grocery. They said I need to sell in my unlocked category cell phone and books. But I don’t know what would sell in that category?

Steve S

Hi Lauren:

Great piece! I’ve collected event t-shirts (mostly sporting stuff-motorcycle meets, special baseball shirts, etc) and thought I could create listings and send FBA. Would I get into trouble with the “counterfeiting police?” Most are new (or newish) without tags. Any thoughts?


Replying to Steve S

You do indeed want to avoid anything that could be seen to be (or is) counterfeit….. Its difficult to give any further advice in this instance other than that – if they are genuine though then no problems in selling them on Amazon FBA from what i can see here; although Amazon may or may not see the listings as Restricted. (Some items, like La Roche Posay for example nobody other than Amazon themselves can sell)


I am the manufacturer of my own product. I launched using a large, experienced Amazon seller with 800,000+ reviews. They were promoting the product and sales were brisk from day one. Suddenly, Amazon halted the sales of my product until I gave authorization, along with invoices. I gave it and it is still halted last I was informed. Meanwhile, a rogue seller has grabbed the buy box. They somehow got product, but are listing and selling variants (colors) they don’t have in stock and never did. I ordered a black one because I knew they didn’t have it, and they… Read more »

Andy Geldman

Replying to Jack

Try one of the Amazon consultants who work with brands on issues like yours. List here:

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