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Amazon’s Internal Teams: What They Do and Why They Matter to Sellers

By Chris McCabe, Leah McHugh

From Seller Support to Notice Teams, Chris McCabe and Leah McHugh give us the lowdown on the Amazon teams that matter most to marketplace sellers.

Amazon’s Internal Teams: What They Do and Why They Matter to Sellers

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Seller Support is the most useless department of any business I’ve ever dealt with. We receive 8-10 calls a day asking that we please give them 5 stars and emailing them is often difficult due to the language barrier. Amazon needs to completely do away with the India offices.

Chris McCabe

Replying to I'mCranky

Unfortunately this isn’t really an India problem, these are poorly trained global teams that Amazon spends little time auditing and makes little investment to support. The jobs aren’t too well paid, and of course, the respect level is low, so they tend to have high turnover, especially in India. In short, not a lot of time or effort goes into improving support, no matter what surveys you see in Seller Central. Seller Support also doesn’t have much say in or power over what happens with sellers and Seller Performance, which is of course what most sellers want to address when… Read more »


Seller Support is an oxymoron, for both Amazon & Ebay.

Chris McCabe

Replying to SoAmI

Agreed. But keep in mind, sellers are also going to Seller Support to resolve the wrong things with the wrong team. What do you usually contact them for? It’s a lack of seller education on Amazon’s side, to be sure, and they can’t very well come out and tell everyone that they invest so little in that side of things.

But, it’s important to know on your end what they can and what they cannot do for you.


This page should be updated. Scott Kubicky does not work at Amazon anymore

Jack Henri

Seller Support is useless


One time when contacting Seller Support, I actually got someone in the US and he was great. He told me if I wanted to get a US CS Rep to ask for a certain department. I just don’t remember which Dept it was. It had nothing to do with escalating. Do you know which issue/Dept I could ask for to automatically be directed to a US rep?

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