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How to Use Amazon’s Inventory Reports: Active Listings and Cancelled Listings

By Joshua Price

Where to find them, what they contain, and how to use them in your business.

How to Use Amazon’s Inventory Reports: Active Listings and Cancelled Listings

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Jack Abelarde

We are a vendor express vendor.

Are we able to get these reports?

I noted our website below. It will be active by mid-March. We are loading items now to our site.

Joshua Price

Replying to Jack Abelarde

Hi Jack,

I’m not sure on what’s available for vendor sellers. I’d suggest contacting Seller Support to ask where you can locate the reports mentioned in this article.



I’d love it if you could tell me how to get a list of literally every single SKU we have in amazon’s database. I’ve been selling for 11 years with them and we sell our own products (shirts, hats, etc) and at one point had over a million SKUs then a few years ago amazon randomly.. yes, this is true, took down everything but 100K skus. Then a year later says we can go back up. Anyways, it is a nightmare because there is no way to get a list (at least no one at amazon seems to know how)… Read more »

Joshua Price

Replying to Allie

Hi Allie,

Sounds like you’re in a tricky situation! The Active listings report and cancelled listings report combined *should* give you all SKU’s in the account. Parent SKU’s are much more tricky – I don’t think you could download them in a report. Best method would be to manually copy the details from each from Manage Inventory, or use the list of child SKU’s from the ALR & CLR with Flat-File uploader to remove them from all parent SKU’s and then reform them into new ones.

I hope that provides some help.


Interesting. Can seller-skus be changed and re-uploaded to Seller Central? Had heard that it was fixed. Have several that I want to update for cost, etc that I keep in the sku detail.


This report has changed. The fields it now includes are: seller-sku fulfillment-channel-sku asin condition-type Warehouse-Condition-code Quantity Available
It doesn’t appear to pull in merchant fulfilled inventory. Any other report that does for accurate inventory totals fba and fbm for end of year?

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