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Amazon Logistics: Innovation or Exploitation?

By Andy Geldman

Is Amazon Logistics good for consumers, bringing the delivery industry into the 21st century? Or is it taking workers' rights back to the 19th?

Amazon Logistics: Innovation or Exploitation?

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This article overlooks reliability: AMZL is far less reliable than USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I’ve had numerous delivery problems (i.e. package not delivered though reported as delivered) with AMZL deliveries and none, ever, with the other carriers.


Replying to StevenHB

Agreed. Every item I have had delivered with AMZL has been delivered hours later than my deliveries from UPS, FedEx or even USPS. This weekend, they marked a delivery “Delivery attempted-building closed”. It was my house. I literally had been there all day. The next day, it said at 8:00am that it was out for delivery and only “4 stops away”. I watched the little sleigh on the map drive all around my town all day. All day it showed “4 stops away”. It finally showed up at 5:15pm. Terrible…


Ironically, Amazon Logistics is an extreme downgrade as far as customer satisfaction. They seem like they try to find any reason they can to not deliver a package. If I see AMZL as the carrier on one of my orders I know it’s going to be late.

Done With Amazon

Amazon Logistics SUCKS BALLS. My wife and I have been ordering for years using Amazon Prime. We always get our stuff. Suddenly the past few orders didn’t show up. Then I figured out it was because Amazon started using their own stinking service in our area. Lack of transparency. Dumba$$ drivers don’t even look at notes to make sure they get it right. I got screwed a few times already. NO MORE. I ditched Amazon and they lost a good $20K per year in purchases. I shop elsewhere now.

Greg L

What a hack job of an article. Customer satisfaction? Amazon Logistics is multiple days late at least half the time. I’ve had more failed deliveries from Amazon in the past month than I’ve had from a decade of conventional carriers. Not to mention more stolen packages, since Amazon’s contractors can’t work out an arrangement with the apartment to leave packages in a safe place instead of dropping them outside the door.


I had an Amazon order returned to Amazon last week because of “inaccurate address”. I have lived here for 20 years, I KNOW my address, I am not off the beaten path, and I have ordered probably hundreds of times from Amazon. Someone isn’t too bright. Since Amazon implemented this delivery method, its a crap shoot how or when your package will arrive.

Anne-Marie Piccaver

Ordered Bluetooth wireless headphones through Amazon logistics November 26th arrived for Christmas gift. Order number 203-30003433-0425924. They do not work so my daughter cannot use them. I cannot find any customer services contact or help to return them

Lori Monroe

Amazon randomly decides who will be the carrier: USPS, UPS, FedEx or (sadly) AMZL. They don’t bother reading the shipping instructions before they spin that wheel and, when it lands on AMZL, they can’t get the package(s) to me before 5pm when my office closes (my home address is not on Google Maps and since AMZL isn’t a real carrier they don’t use the 911 system so they can’t find it) so they send them back to Amazon…. I finally got to the 2nd layer of management who says they can file a form to prioritize my preferred carrier but… Read more »


AMZL is so horribly incompetent, I am considering canceling my Amazon account. And I spend thousands of dollars on Amazon every year. 2 out of 3 times a package is delivered by AMZL, something goes wrong. The package gets lost. Or damaged. Or is late. Honestly, it’s pathetic.


Had a package delivered by this ridiculous shipping method today. Reminds me of how newspaper companies hire out paper routes. Today a car parked out in front of the house. A kid of about 4 yrs old gets out and takes the package up to the door and throws it on the porch. Then he proceeds to jump around on our bench and play with the wind chimes for about 10 minutes. Soon their kids will be riding by on their bikes and throwing the packages on the lawn or on the driveway like the paper delivery people do.

Zumbi Malandro

I’ve never had issues with delivery from Amazon. Books, electronics, camera accessories, apparel….. all delivered as promised.

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