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Amazon Making Sellers Squeal on Product Review Abusers

By Chris McCabe

Amazon Making Sellers Squeal on Product Review Abusers

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dear,support,i have received this E-mail message from Amazon,how can i reapy it ?pls help me . Hello, We recently contacted you about product review manipulation. Because you are still manipulating product reviews, you currently may not sell on Amazon.com. If you have any open orders, please ship them. You can view previous messages on the Performance Notifications page in Seller Central (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/customer-experience/summary.html). To learn more about this policy, search for “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” in Seller Central Help. To sell on Amazon.com, please reply to this message with the following information: 1. A detailed description of all methods you… Read more »


Replying to jimmy

I got the same message today. Do you mind sharing how your appeal went with them? Was your account reinstated? How long did it take, and what did you tell them in the appeal?

I will appreciate your help!



I had my account suspended and tried to do all the things “by the book”. I read multiple blogs and different people’s books and still my letters were not good enough. I contacted ***** and they told me what was wrong with my letter. LOL. I was just missing 1-2 key words in every sentence. Please, everyone be very careful when making a letter to Amazon. They have only 15 seconds to scan your letter to make a decision. No-one there is even fully reading them. They are looking for the specific keywords to pop-up. Got my account reinstated within… Read more »


Replying to Alex

Can you give advice about keywords?

Kevin Kowolski

“Our goal is to eliminate the incentives for sellers to engage in review abuse and shut down this ecosystem around fraudulent reviews in exchange for compensation.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Amazon made it SOOO much worse and it’s proliferating out of control. But they don’t care. Oh, great, just got another email from a Chinese seller wanting a fake positive review.

Chris McCabe

Hi Kevin, can you cite the quote source to educate our readers?

I think Amazon cares, but it’s an enormous problem that is tough to control. They definitely don’t like faith undermined in their internal processes, or the marketplace. They really need as much evidence of off-site schemes as possible, which can be hard to do sometimes. Nevertheless, keep at it.

Fake positive reviews are common, of course, so the best strategy is one that involves multiple approaches, multiple queues, and rock solid info sent via escalation to the proper policy teams.

Kevin Kowolski

Sure, I can cite the source. The quote can be found at “it’s the 2nd paragraph of the article on this page that you wrote.” Is it ok that I didn’t use MLA format? I believe that sarcasm was justified, no? =P Anyway, I don’t mean this as an insult at all, but, while I wish what you were saying was true, you sound a bit naïve. I started getting products at a discount in exchange for a review a couple of months before the crackdown, which was royally screwed up by Amazon. All they did was what they’re best… Read more »

Chris McCabe

Well you want to contain the sarcasm a bit if you want to be taken seriously. Not sure I can understand the “naive” comment, but you’re entitled to an opinion. You’re certainly seeing a lack of action and reply on their side, but you may want to organize your approach better. If they think you’re drowning them with disorganized stream of consciousness thought, anger/ venting, commentary and frequent departure from your facts, they’ll mark it down as spam and ignore it. They know there’s a major problem — where are you reporting it? Exactly? Are they effective teams and queues?… Read more »

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