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Amazon Sellers Survey 2016: The Results

By Andy Geldman

Amazon Sellers Survey 2016: The Results

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I am curious how the 1M+ sellers are only marking their products up 10-25% and still making money when Amazon is taking a 10-15% fee from each transaction? And that is being raised next month!


Replying to Mitch

Hello Mitch, the markup could be after all Amazon fees, shipping, etc….


Replying to Phil

I don’t think so. Amazon took most of the profit while sellers suffer.

Josh Shogren

One of the best articles I have read in a long time, thanks for sharing!


Great Survey !

I wondered how many of the sellers are doing import process from abroad (Asia mainly).
It could give nice indications on many aspects,
Such as shippings issues, inspection common tools, etc.

luis gallardo

Replying to Sharon

hi sharon , im importing from asia , will be nice to talk about your toughs and mines



what’s the sample size plz?

Jeff Delacruz

Great study! Photography is so important to a listing, my question is where are sellers getting their images?

Andrew Garmin

wow that was one of the best articles I’ve seen in a long time. Great job guys and gals! Private labelling is getting so big now, but I still think there’s room to grow.

Product research tools like Junglescout and Amasuite have pretty much transformed access to ‘ecommerce startup data’. We are living in a pretty awesome day and age!


Suggestion for all those who use amazon.com individual seller accounts. Be sure to calculate the exact price it’ll cost to ship your item FIRST. Include this shipping amount in your asking price. The price amazon.com offers is often completely unrealistic. I know based on first hand experience. Kindly learn from my costly mistake.

Greg Payne

What is the breakdown of respondents to the Amazon sellers survey? Are the respondents all US based sellers or is there a wider distribution? If wider, from which countries do the sellers hail? Also, is there any data on the company size of these sellers from a number of employees perspective?

Teri C

Hi Andy, great data, analysis and content! I used to work for eBay for 8 years, managing Asian sellers who list in eBay international sites and in other global (and local) marketplaces. It’s interesting to see commonalities and differences, especially in their priorities (e.g. investing in software, etc). Looking forward to more valuable marketplace reports!


How many people participate in the survey?

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