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Amazon Sponsored Products: How to Increase Your ROI

By Tara Johnson

Why should sellers pay for Amazon Sponsored Products? Here's how it works, with a real-life example and some practical advice on how to get the best ROI.

Amazon Sponsored Products: How to Increase Your ROI

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Warren Coles

Thanks for any help.

I have more than one product and i am not sure if to run separate campaigns for them or put under the same one. They do have some overlapping key words.

1) If you put two SKUs under the same campaign do you get a breakdown for each SKU or are they lumped together? How does Amazon know which product to show? On a 50% basis? Or what?

2) If you put separate will i compete with myself for keywords as some overlap and i will definitely put in both places? If not why?

3) Did a lot of research but didn’t find anything in terms of best practices on this.

Thanks again.


Thanks a lot for the article.
We have noticed Ad of our products in facebook which links to related product page on Amazon. Does it mean that Amazon also uses external websites to please Sponsored products ad?

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