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Should I Expand to Amazon USA or Other European Marketplaces?

By Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson advises Loris to put the Caesar mentality of world domination on hold and focus on conquering local marketplaces first.

Should I Expand to Amazon USA or Other European Marketplaces?

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PayPal Terminator

Put the horses on hold there sister! Dont dream big for one thing. Dream realistic. Questions to be asked, why do you want to expand, is it because your sales are slow were you are or not in demand, and your doing very little business. Then what makes you think your going to get any better results doing it on a wider scale? Cultures vary from place to place.

First thing you should think is how was the business in where you are, how is the fraud and people trying to steal. Second, if i get a dispute, can I prove non receipt of merchandise? Is the merchandise trackable. How much is it going to cost to ship to that area with tracking and now long. International sometimes takes 21 days, by the item, wait 2 days file a dispute for non receipt, the dispute is 14 days before it closes. Disputes you require to have proof of delivery not proof of shipment. If its not delivered you lose. Third, how much are you willing to take on. If your doing that good in your markets where you are, then why not consider expanding the product line there first.


Replying to PayPal Terminator

You are correct that all these steps should be considered, planned, investigated… but they all have a plethora of solutions, options and strategies.

Respectfully, I disagree complete with this mentality. You imply this is hard, complex, hard to manage and potentially a waste of energy. This isnt the case. The right technology, partners and considerations can solve all these points.

Expansion has consistently demonstrated new markets can surprise you, and new opportunities can open doors that would have remained shut had the ‘test run’ of the new market been overthought.

Not everyone should expand everywhere. Not all regions will be successful. But you can try they out without too much effort. To talk yourself out of even trying them because of challenges, largely because you perceive those challenges harder then they are, will forever limit your potential.

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