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How Can Sellers Get To Be Amazon’s Choice?

By Pete Thompson

Amazon’s Choice is a unique seal of approval from Amazon. But how are products chosen, and can you improve your chances of getting it?

How Can Sellers Get To Be Amazon’s Choice?

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Nigel Chilcott

Nigel Chilcott

2 years ago

Great article !
Is there a report or method where you can see which keywords have Amazons Choice badges for an ASIN ?


Andy Geldman

Andy Geldman

2 years ago

Not that I know of, but there are a couple of hacks that might prove useful.

1. Some products show the Amazon’s Choice badge (including the keywords) when you navigate to the product page directly. e.g. right now this is the Amazon’s Choice for “sony headphones”:

2. You can plug keywords into a URL to “fake” having done a search and see if the ASIN is Amazon’s Choice for that keyword. e.g. this shows that the same headphones are also Amazon’s Choice for “MDRZX110”:

To use multiple keywords use + instead of spaces, like:

Someone could use/abuse this hack to compile a report on all the ASINs and Amazon’s Choice keywords.



1 year ago

A product I have has just attained the “Amazon’s choice” badge. Ive gained it since I put a 5% off promotion on the product. Is that pure coincidental? Also, If I removed that promotion, do you think the badge would be removed?

Would love to hear your opinion, Ed.

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