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Amazon’s Policy Clarification on Rebates: What It Means For Sellers

By Chris McCabe

A recent clarification to the policy on promotions providing coupons, discounts and deals outside the Amazon platform sent the seller community into shock.

Amazon’s Policy Clarification on Rebates: What It Means For Sellers

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This is my favorite part: Or they see what other sellers get away with, and decide that it means anyone can do it. They take the lack of consistency on the enforcement side as evidence that there is no enforcement at all, and are surprised when Amazon suspends them. I completely agree but I also see why they’re surprised. As a business, you spend so much time and effort building your products the right way, only to watch other sellers do it the wrong way with no absolute end. Then, if the seller tries the same thing, amazon suspends THEM,… Read more »

Correct Digital

Amazon somehow needs to update their policies. Just now it seemed they are strictly monitoring all the sellers and its behaviours. Thank you for sharing this.

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