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How We Got the Highest Conversion Rates on eBay

By Victor Levitin

How We Got the Highest Conversion Rates on eBay

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Bill Clare

Good article. But hold it, did you really use a left-handed hand shake to demonstrate building trust?

Somebody better fix that.

Thanks for a good read,


offering your left hand for a handshake is one of the biggest insults possible in many parts of the world…particularly the middle east


Replying to John

this is not true, Shaking with your right hand used to show that you didnt have a sword but shaking with your left shows trust as the shield was held it the left hand so you are showing that you trust that person


Replying to Philip

well in the middle east they wipe their butts with their left hand instead of toilet paper, so it would make sense why it is an insult.


Please excuse my inexperience but how do you add the Free Shipping banner?

Mike M

Personally the overly done clutter of graphics and page full of shipping details scattered and inappropriate and tangential information are not only a major loading slow down for older machines, connections and browsers that a lot of older grandmas and grandpas may have but also a big turn off to me as well. Of all of them I would pick the Red Parrot one as the best because it puts all the IMPORTANT details up front and allows for more info IF YOU WANT IT. Maybe it’s just that I’m anal, “just the facts ma’am” type buyer. When I compare… Read more »

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