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The Crucial Story: How Chad Rubin Built a Brand Selling on Amazon

By Andy Geldman

The Crucial Story: How Chad Rubin Built a Brand Selling on Amazon

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Aaron Mandelbaum

Great story from a great company and a wonderful person. Congrats on all your success Chad!

Frank Johnson

Interesting article. One question I did have – I was especially interested in the idea of customer service being a differentiator. When Chad said, “We have our phone number on Amazon, upfront on our detail page” I went and looked at a Crucial Vacuum product on Amazon, but didn’t see the phone number.

Did I miss something?



Hello Frank,

Thanks so much for reading this article and for taking the time to comment. On our Amazon storefront if you go to the details section for Crucial Vacuum our direct phone number can be found towards the bottom of the page. Here is a link to the appropriate site on Amazon:


We take great pride in our customer service and do everything we can to provide a satisfying buying experience with our company for our customers. Customer service really is THE factor when it comes to establishing your brand and leaving a lasting impression.


Frank Johnson

Replying to Jim

Thanks Jim, I see it now. The confusion was on my part – the company I work for sells on Amazon as well. We often use the phrase “product detail page” to refer to the listing page. That’s where the confusion came on my part – I was looking for your phone number on the listing page (and didn’t think that was actually allowed by Amazon). But you were referring to the details page which has information about the company and its policies. My mistake.

Thanks for taking the time to respond – I really appreciate it.


Umar Maniar

Wow!! Great Article. I would like to ask you one thing. I am from India and I just started with Amazon India.

Comparing the technology amazon provides with other marketplaces( like snapdeal and flipklart which are quite popular in India) in terms of metrics, sales forecast, product opportunities amazon is far superior than other marketplaces.

Even in US & UK there might be other popular market places.

Is it wise enough to stay with Amazon at an initial stage or try to spread our hands on other ecommerce marketplaces trying to get our share of pie from each of them.

Chad Rubin

Replying to Umar Maniar

Hey Umar, thanks for your feedback! Although Amazon should be a large percentage of your revenue, the big misconception in the e-commerce world is that the majority of your time and effort should be placed on selling on Amazon. You want to be everywhere and diversify your revenue as much as possible off-Amazon.

Always around to help,

Catherine Johnson

I may have missed it but I didn’t see in the article where your product is actually manufactured.

Congratulations on your great success. Great article.

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