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How to Avoid Dead Stock and Use Data to Find Top Sellers

By Dani Avitz

Here's three tips to help you avoid overstocking, and find bestselling products that will never tie up valuable capital and warehouse space.

How to Avoid Dead Stock and Use Data to Find Top Sellers

Find and purchase profitable inventory with the best tools for market research, product analysis, importing and wholesale.





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Wow thank you so much Dani
Such an amazing informative and factual article.

Mark Hetherington

Good point on Historical Data. I’ve never taken any notice of it. I can guarantee that in most categories most, if not all, of the items in last year’s top ten won’t be seen anywhere in this years, especially in the tech and fashion fields. As for suppliers, I generally find the stuff they are offering you at a “good price” is the stock they can’t shift themselves. Avoid such offers unless it’s something you’re already selling, or others are selling and there’s a decent markup to be made quickly. For smaller businesses and sole traders though, which makes up… Read more »


Great advice! I buy and resell vintage jewelry and name brand new and gently used clothing on several sites. I started my business about 8 months ago just buying items I love on that “gut instinct”; this will help me be more objective and realistic about what will sell and how to market better. Thank you!

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