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Group Similar Listings: Has the eBay Buy Box Finally Arrived?

By Cardy Chung

Group Similar Listings and “Our Pick” are the next phase of eBay’s evolution. But how did we get here and what does this mean for sellers?

Group Similar Listings: Has the eBay Buy Box Finally Arrived?

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Cycle Station

Thanks for the article Cardy, a really good overview. Will certainly be interesting to see how this effects eBay’s overall sales figures and the breakdown between different sellers. My feeling is that those that are experienced in online retail in general and open to change and adaption may thrive Whereas long term eBay only sellers with little experience outside the ebay sphere may really struggle. In the end though, change will be driven by what buyers want not sellers, it will be interesting to see if eBay buyers embrace this change or not.

Cardy Chung

Replying to Cycle Station

Yes agreed – it’s the buyers who have the money and they will decide where and who they spend the money with. The internet is empowering them and they are smart. The market is price driven.

Dawood Ahmad

Thanks for this very insightful article. Just like repricers it is going to trigger the research for private labelling suppliers and manufacturers.

Cardy Chung

That’s a really valid point. Private Labelling strategy is a research topic in its own right. It has a totally risk-return profile. For those sellers who are in it for the long haul, who have the product expertise and willing to invest, it can work very well.

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