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Are eBay Buyers 10x More Demanding Than Amazon Buyers?

By Andy Geldman

Are eBay Buyers 10x More Demanding Than Amazon Buyers?

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Thomas Shearing

It just shows ebay total disreguard, for sellers, ebay has NEVER had cared about fraudulent claims as they still get there 12% to 15% commissions, on fraudulent claims, all ebay would have to is introduce a not receive claim button, in messages and then send a message to anyone who claims that more then 5% of item are being lost, that there account is being monitored, then close the account if this continues, which is way above actual postal loses as shown by one Amazon claim on 1375 sales. Why is Ebay not prepared to protect the sellers who fund… Read more »

Elon Musk

ebay ebay ebay, you are slowly but surely killing your own business. Be it through the yearly changes you consistently force on your sellers, or be it through the constant shifting of priorities. Buyers, sellers, top merchants, small merchants. You are trying to please everyone and just upsetting everyone, except for the dishonest, who now flock to your site like flies around a fresh pile of horse shit. You have in effect become the number one place to digitally shop lift from. As stated in the comment above, you do nothing to check how many claims a buyer has made,… Read more »

Jack Phillips

I think you would need a better breakdown of the data before drawing hard conclusions. While I find eBay customers a bit more needy in terms of questions, when looking at “lost” items versus Amazon, it all comes down to out of country shipping. My percentage of out of country shipping is much higher on eBay than on Amazon. My percentage of lost items on these orders is much higher. Amazon, by contrast, is mostly domestic and have very few lost orders. No doubt there are thieves on both platforms.

Mark Hetherington

I disagree about needing a better breakdown to come to those conclusions. But ask ANY seller on which platform they get the most claims and I can virtually guarantee that the results will say ‘Ebay’* almost every time. The only thing that would change are the actual percentages.

* Sorry but I was brought up to understand that the capital letter came at the beginning of the word.


Replying to Mark Hetherington

Good point Mark!

Mark Hetherington

I would say that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the way things are. for the record, I’ve done a brief, very unscientific check of the past month (June) and came back with this: Sales Ebay, (Amazon in brackets): 231 (192) Messages: 796 (2) Returns: 36 (2) No that isn’t a typo, THIRTY-SIX returns from 231 sales in June. That’s higher than average and I do operate in the notoriously difficult mobile phone sector, but I sell only new stock and take great care in describing the stock accurately. Missing items claims are a lot rarer now because quite simply I… Read more »


Replying to Mark Hetherington

eBay lost their better sellers 10 years ago. Those sellers went to their websites and contributed to sell directly. Others started to make major contribution with an intact in commerce in those years, a website that did not gauge their profits- Amazon. People would shop Amazon for it was not EBay. Anyone who was feed up with eBay would buy from anyone other than eBay, so Amazon had it easy since it was not eBay. Other websites did grow and can credit eBay for handing them customers without referral bonuses. Yet Amazon was the big benefactor.

Jay Smith

If you are getting that many claims and messages you are doing something very, VERY wrong! Please post a link to that store so we can go and see what the problem might be. Those numbers are unacceptable, and if this store doesn’t make major changes, and fast, they are in real danger of being suspended. What is their feedback rate? What type of items are they selling? Whenever these statistics are happening it is always for the following reasons: 1. No real tracking numbers being posted to Site 2. No prompt and comprehensive communications from seller on an hourly… Read more »


Replying to Jay Smith

You sound like an eBay shill, and without context, your data is worthless. Is your product high-value? What price range do you sell within? Can you substantiate your claims in any way that is reliable?

I’ve sold on both platforms nearly since inception of each, and I find the story details and others posting as to the differences of eBay vs Amazon buyers to be credible based on more than a decade of my own experience.

Your examples simply sound like a story.

wayne dobbins

Replying to Paul

The story seldom changes when ECHOKE is mentioned.All we once upon a time sellers found that Ebay/Paypal did not make changes the past 10 years to benefit the seller.To participate and think you were going to save or make more money is a false statement.From 7 day returns to 30 day returns is one example of the hoops you had to jump through to get discounts.How many of us buy an item,new or used via mail,open it and take up to 30 days to decide if it is ok ? I sold brand name pocket knives for 12 years and… Read more »


Replying to Jay Smith

Ebay shill alert!!!!!

Jay Smith

After 20 years with Ebay and 8 with Amazon, my opinion is: Amazon has infinitely higher Traffic, producing many more Buyers, Sales, & Profits! Amazon never throttles your traffic, hides your ads, or limits your selling ability Amazon buyers LOVE to buy & return things just for the fun of it, returns usually perfect Amazon buyers are 10x more mature & professional at all times Amazon Prime buyers ABUSE the returns process (lie) 50+% of the time in order to get a free return Amazon very rarely changes their platform or the policies except to make it better. Amazon very… Read more »


Replying to Jay Smith

I agree with most you said and more importantly I agree that we need to unionized!


Replying to Jay Smith

RE: Saturated markets and spoiled consumers Agree with you on this one. The influx of more people into online selling causes saturation and undercutting. While this is good for consumers price-wise, ultimately it’s not good for everyone, including buyer. The abundance of selection and bottom prices changes their behaviour. You could tell that today’s commerce is coupon-driven and there are buyers who feel entitled to free products. I think I am seeing what I call “supply exceeds demand” where margins get split more as supply grows turning pieces of a commerce pie into breadcrumbs. I saw this happening with Google… Read more »


Sold on eBay since 1999, sold on Amazon for 6 years. Both are different and both have their advantages. Nearly never had customer disatisfactions on both platforms and those that did are mostly buyers making unwise decisions. If your not aware of why the vast differences there is with these two platforms them you have not taken the time to fully analyze why those problems escalate. Sellers should invest their time in making their listing impossible for customers having issues of disatisfaction and embracing shipments as Amazon does. Amazon’s role is that the delivery is the sole most important feature… Read more »

Jay Smith

LOL. If ebay did have “shills” I can promise you they are not Americans and could never write like that. I’m also pretty sure no shill would write unkind words about ebay. You clearly didn’t read my post. At all. Of course I can substantiate everything I posted. I wouldn’t be a member of WebRetailer and take time to write my experiences if I didn’t actually have them. We have sold in virtually every category from $2.99 – $2000. I even sold my Toyota 4×4 on Ebay. Overall we had a good experience. It has gone significantly downhill in the… Read more »


After selling on both platforms, I have to admit ebay treats sellers better in one regard over amazon. For an item not received complaint, all ebay requires is a tracking # showing as delivered. When I have buyers open a case to complain that they never received an item but the tracking shows as delivered, one call to ebay and the case is closed in my favor. So long scammers. Amazon doesn’t care it the tracking shows as delivered. With amazon, if someone tries to pull the same stunt the only thing that will protect you is a signature confirmation.… Read more »

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