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eBay Templates: Should You Customize Your eBay Listing Design?

By Alex Knight

Changing eBay policies and mobile buying have divided opinion on eBay listing templates. Is it better to have a custom design or just use plain text?

eBay Templates: Should You Customize Your eBay Listing Design?

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Some good some bad but white screen on a mobile is no good (in example product template given above) you can’t read the descriptions at all so it’s best to choose wisely or it cut your sales. I heard someone say on another forum that new search doesn’t like too much html either.

No mention of the new free eBay Shop fronts that are mobile friendly announced in the last seller update? They look really professional too. No doubt description templates are to follow from eBay I would have thought.

Andy Geldman

Replying to PW

Hi PW, yes that’s a good point about the new Stores – more info here for anyone interested.

A responsive design that adapts to mobile but keeps the benefits of branding, marketing widgets etc. is best I think. Mobile is big, but tablets form a large part of that and desktop is still big too. It makes it a bit of a headache but I think it’s best to design and test on all of those devices, and make the most of all of them.

Big Seller

I agree with the first post about mobile, 45% of ebay purchases are touched by mobile so they said on the webinar last week so I think £1000 IS excessive if it doesn’t work on mobile, especially if eBay are now giving you a professional shop front for free. Nothing worse than all that scrolling and zooming, at least the text ones are readable. There are the odd ones I’ve seen are nice on mobile though I have to say.

Gary Seymour

Replying to Big Seller

Yes, they can look good on mobile which is one reason we used Crazylister, but the problem is unless buyers click the arrow next to where it says “Description” – and most won’t – they’ll never see it. WE didn’t even realise this until recently, when it was noticed that ebay default to the mobile view when looking at the listing on a smartphone. Something we didn’t realise is that if we reuse a Crazylister template and edit it on ebay rather than on Crazylister is the original text description is retained. So for example, if you were selling an… Read more »


Reponsive ebay design is also getting mandatory as a result of increasing mobile conversion rates.


Hi Andy,

I notice you are advertising KD Web design in this blog article

I would not classify her as a reliable or a decent company to use.

I would be careful putting my name behind recommending a company like hers.


Anony Mous

I’ve never found owning a storefront on eBay to be worth it. Utilize the 200 free listings they keep giving non-store owners (yes, you still get the 50 each month too) once you’re an established seller. If you’re high-volume, I guess it’s worth the store… but I’m not and with eBay being as volatile a marketplace I learned long ago to not put all my eggs in one basket with them. The only downside to working the free listings is you have to watch for GTC’s now – they used to let them end after the 30 days but now… Read more »


For the volume, I’m selling I stopped using eBay Templates. But still, include my templates for the measurements as this really helps with the questions I get from buyers in regards to sizing and measurement.

Gary Seymour

We’re on the verge of considering dropping the templates having heard several rumours that the search facility doesn’t like them. We’ve been using CrazyLister for a couple of years, and then as their prices soared for no tangible benefit we started using a one-off template. Absolutely nothing we have tried has made any difference and if anything sales have decreased in real terms rather than increased. We’ve continually added more products but haven’t seen the equivalent percentage increase in sales, not even close and we’re wondering if it’s all to do with HTML. Why? Because time and again we’ve seen… Read more »

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