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Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

By Lahav Gan

How to create eBay sales easily and quickly. We explain why markdowns are beneficial to your eBay business, and present various options and strategies.

Boost Your eBay Store With Markdown Sales Promotions

Succeed on eBay and maximize profits with the best software for SEO, analytics, feedback, listing design and optimization.





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Bob Smith

I recommend using CampaignGO’s markdown app named Markdwon Guru, it’s extremely easy and quick! it has become invaluable to my eBay store. 37% of my store revenue comes from using CampaignGO’s filtering options. I can choose listings with watchers, old listings, listing that haven’t sold for a while, etc. eBay’s Markdown Manager is very basic and limited in options so I switched.And they have a free trial

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