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eBay is the New Frontier for Private Label Sellers

By Anojan Abel

As private labeling hits saturation point on Amazon, eBay’s new technology is making it attractive for private label sellers and brands.

eBay is the New Frontier for Private Label Sellers

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Cardy Chung

Most importantly, eBay is a platform and NOT a seller itself, unlike Amazon, who might decide to source the products and compete with you if you become successful.

S K Edmonds

Replying to Cardy Chung

I recently sold an Ipad on EBay. It was obvious that the buyer had buyer’s remorse & deliberately damage the Ipad so he could return it. I had his messages to prove it! Ebay gave him his money back, made me pay for shipping and wanted to charge me for selling. How do I prevent this from happening again?

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